These courses are designed for people who are already parents, whether or not they attended NCT classes before the birth of their first child or children. To find out about available courses in your area please see our Courses page or email our Parent Services Administrator at

There are many topics that can be covered during the class. Here is an outline of the main topics that we aim to cover:

  • Pregnancy: what happens in labour and how the baby is born
  • Body awareness, relaxation, breathing and massage
  • Positions for labour and birth
  • What is available for pain relief - natural and medical methods will be covered
  • What complications might happen (Caesarean birth, for example)
  • What your partner can do to help
  • Introducing a new baby into the family
  • Sibling rivalry

If there is a specific topic that you would like covered, which is not listed above, this can sometimes be pre-arranged with the ante-natal teacher. Please discuss this with the Parent Services Administrator or teacher in advance.

Meeting other parents 2nd/3rd+ time around

We also have a Yahoo group dedicated to parents who are having/have had another baby. Its called the "more than one" group and you can sign up to it by sending a blank email to

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