The NCT often receives requests from students looking for parents(-to-be) to partake in studies, these have all been approved by our NCT Headoffice.

Below are some of our recent requests. Please use the contact details provided if you are able to assist.

If you are looking for participants for future studies please contact before contacting the branch. 

My name is Francesca Bova, and I am writing to you regarding the Infant Observation for Tavistock & Portman.

I am a student of the MA in Child Development at the Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust. In order to help students to better understand early development, we are asked to observe an infant's ordinay early development for 2 years. it will also help me develop my own observational skills.

The observer role is to pay close, friendly attention to the detail of the baby’s interaction and communication in their family. Students are observing to further their own learning, not as part of any professional role they might have outside of the course.

I am looking for volunteer mums who would be willing to participate in a baby observation

I am Disclosing and Barring Service checked.

What does this involve?

I would visit the baby and family at home for an hour each week to observe the baby. We would agree together with the family which is the best time for the observation to be done.

During each observation I won’t take notes but only observe the baby. I will take notes later as required from my course. These anonymous notes are confidential, and I will be only allowed to share with a discussion group of 4 students and a tutor on a confidential basis. The notes will not otherwise be shared, and unfortunately I can not share the notes with you.

I am DBS checked and I will provide a formal letter from Tavistock and Portman confirming that I am a student at their MA course

I am based in Haringey so it would be lovely find a mum from the local area (Arsenal, Finsbury Park, Manor House, Wood Green) 

Many thanks, Francesca

[November 2016]


Birkbeck Babylab is a non-commercial research centre, where we investigate how babies develop and learn about the world (see We create fun studies that help us discover how babies recognise faces, how they learn to copy others' actions, how they learn to understand what other people think, and how their language and understanding of the world develops. We are also interested in understanding why and how some children develop conditions such as autism. For our studies we are dependent on parents who volunteer to participate in studies with their babies. Parents are reimbursed for their travel expenses and they receive a certificate and a 'I'm an infant scientist' t-shirt for their baby as a thank you for participating. 

This video tells you a bit more about the kind of questions we are trying to answer and the different methods that we use in our studies:

We are always looking for mums who might be interested in helping science by signing up to the Babylab. 

At the moment we are specifically looking for mums of young babies (< 4 months) for an exciting new study investigating the development of mimicry, an important aspect of social development. 

 Anna Freud Centre UCL


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