The second-time groups were set up in response to several members who found it hard to attend the original tea group format when their second baby, or even third, was born. Each second-time-mums tea group is hosted by a mother with a toddler. This means that as well as having age-appropriate toys, houses are generally toddler-proofed with stairgates or valuables out of reach. Crucially for many there are also potties and an understanding of toddler behaviour.

For the mothers it helps to find out how others are dealing with the logistics of two children — coordinating tea, getting both to bed, sibling rivalry and giving quality time to both children. It’s also a great way to meet new friends and to socialise with other adults. If you join a second-time-mums tea group, you will be expected to host sessions in your home.

You are still very welcome to attend the original tea groups in your area!

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