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This article provides breastfeeding info for dads, including how to support your partner emotionally and practically with breastfeeding and your role with formula feeding.
Becoming a parent involves shifts in your lifestyle. This article offers information for new dads on fathers' rights at work, stress after childbirth and relationships.
Becoming a dad and caring for both a newborn baby and your partner can be a huge adjustment. Here we offer advice for new dads on things you might face once your baby is born.
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There’s lots of benefits and entitlements available when you’re pregnant or have a baby, including maternity benefits, the Sure Start Maternity Grant, as well as benefits you can claim if you’re pregnant and unemployed or on a low income.
While most of us know breastfeeding is good for our babies and want to do it, perhaps we didn’t know quite how good it is. Here are 23 reasons why it’s worth trying to breastfeed and seeking support if you think it might help.
What is the best age gap between siblings? We look at (perceived) positive and negative aspects of age differences between children. Find out about sibling spacing here.
It goes without saying that your birthing partner will have a pretty key role. If you’re planning to give birth at a midwife-led unit or birthing centre, here are some tips.
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If you’ve given birth by caesarean section before, you might want to find out more about your future birthing options. Here we discuss birth choices after a caesarean.
Tagged with: Caesarean birth
If you’ve had a caesarean birth, you’ll want to know your birth options for next time. Here we discuss the benefits and risks of a planned vaginal or elective caesarean.
Even if they’ve done it before, being a birth partner can still be daunting. So read our tips together to help you both get ready.

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Support our campaign for postnatal mental health

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