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Here we look at some of the problems and concerns that can make breastfeeding in the early days challenging.
A baby refusing the breast is a common breastfeeding problem. Discover how you can positively encourage your baby to feed again
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Breastfeeding isn’t always straightforward, but there is lots of information and help to support you - wherever you are in your feeding journey.
You might be surprised by how frequently your baby needs feeding in the early days. Here we look at how to cope with frequent breastfeeding and dealing with an unsettled baby.
Here we look at common problems that can occur even if you have experienced a comfortable period of breastfeeding.
Sometimes children can use their teeth during breastfeeding. Biting can start as soon as your baby gets teeth so it’s good to know how to stop your child.
What can you do if your newborn baby’s feeding patterns suddenly change? Information on what it might mean if your baby is feeding more or less or refusing the breast.
This article discusses ‘oversupply’ of breast milk and how to reduce your breast milk supply. You have options including donating to a milk bank and milk sharing.
Wondering what happens if your baby’s facing bottom up during pregnancy? Here are some of your questions answered…
Bronchiolitis affects one in three babies under one year old so it’s best to know about it. Here we talk about the symptoms, treatment and what you need to know about bronchiolitis.

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