There are a great many benefits to carrying your baby in a sling or baby carrier. There is the practical convenience of being hands free to look after an older sibling or just get things done around the house while tending to the needs of your baby. They also are great for going on walks in the country side, or in busy places with lots of stairs or escalators - it can be a struggle with a buggy! But babywearing (the practise of carrying your baby in a sling) also helps to keep your baby close and contented. Carried babies generally cry less, making life easier for you and much less stressful for them. They spend more time in a ‘quiet alert’ state or sleeping, which is the best time for babies to learn, and grow.Carrying in a sling is a wonderful way for new parents to bond with their baby.

Wallingford, Didcot and District NCT Sling Library provides a sling hire service to parents in the Wallingford area. If you are interesting in trying a sling but don't know where to start, have a specific idea about what you are looking for, or are just interested in babywearing, then come along! Experienced babywearers are also welcome!

For details of the next sling meeting please visit our branch facebook page: 'NCT Wallingford, Didcot & District Branch

There is a charge of £5 per item. This covers a loan from the sling library meeting day until the end of the same month. At the end of the month, please get in touch with your babywearing mentor to arrange return to her house in Wallingford. 

Late returns will be charged at a rate of £1 per day. A deposit is required, in the form of a cheque payable to “NCT Wallingford Didcot and District”. This cheque will not be banked and will be returned to you upon the safe return of the hired sling.

The deposit amount is £50 for all slings except the buckle carriers marked with * which are £90.

Contact Bryony Ringsell  for more information

We have the following slings available in the Wallingford Sling Library:-

Buckle Carriers and Mei Tais:

  • Ergo Baby Carrier (with newborn insert)
  • Connecta Baby Carrier Manduca
  • Kozy Carrier

Mei Tai Stretchy and Woven Wraps:

  • Moby Stretchy Wrap
  • Kari-Me Stretchy Wrap
  • Close Baby Carrier x 2
  • BBSlen Woven Wrap 4.6m
  • Calin Bleu Gauze 4.6m

Ring Slings and Pouches

  • Mayawrap Ring Sling

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