From the leisure centre car park, turn left onto the main road. Just past the garage, turn left onto Moores Road. Follow ahead up onto the Cotmandene and continue to Chart Lane. Turn right onto St Pauls Road East. Go straight along to St Paul's Road West. Before reaching the main road, turn right onto the footpath that connects through to Rose Hill. Turn right onto Rose Hill and follow all the way down through the arch. At the end, turn right onto South Street and cross to North Street at the junction. At the end of North Street, turn right onto Church Street. Walk through the churchyard and head down the footpath alongside the car park. Bear right along past the football ground into Meadowbank recreation ground. Head straight ahead to the pond and follow the path round to the lefthand side of the pond. At end of the path, just before it comes out on Fairfield Drive, turn right by Pippbrook Mill and turn left onto London Road. Cross over and walk through Magistrate's Court car park, around the library and past the council offices, crossing back over the main road to where you started.

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