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Exercise during pregnancy

pelvic floor

Pelvic floor and stomach exercises in pregnancy

It’s not unusual to be worried about the changes to your body that will come from being pregnant. If this is you, make sure you fit into your daily routine some strengthening exercises where it can make a massive difference. Namely, your stomach and pelvic floor.

mother in sports top

Good exercises and sports in pregnancy

Find out about exercise during pregnancy including which sports to avoid, low-impact pregnancy exercises, pelvic floor exercise and safety.

pregnancy exercise

Exercise during pregnancy: What to know

Expecting a baby doesn’t mean you must spend nine months on the sofa with your favourite biscuits, unfortunately. While a few biscuits won’t hurt, moving is actually great for you and your baby.

pregnancy exercise

Pregnancy workouts: Safety

If you’re feeling clueless about the rules of staying active when you’re expecting, read on to have your questions answered.

Perineal massage

Read to find out how to do perineal massage during pregnancy and for information on the benefits of massaging the perineum before childbirth.