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Emotions and mental health


Depression in pregnancy

Antenatal depression can be hard to recognise and cope with. Find out about the support available if you are suffering with antenatal depression during pregnancy.

Pregnancy signs and symptoms

When you are pregnant, your body and the way you feel changes. Read about some of the early signs of pregnancy and common pregnancy symptoms which cause concern.

Emotions during pregnancy

Strong moods and emotions are common due to changes in hormones during pregnancy. Find out why this happens and how to cope with mood swings in pregnancy.

Tokophobia: scared of giving birth?

When you are pregnant; feeling scared of giving birth is very common. Here we talk about tokophobia and common fears about childbirth pain, as well as the support available.

Sex in pregnancy and the antenatal stages

Discover how your sex life may change when you are pregnant. Read about sex during stages of pregnancy, changing libido, induced labour and more.

Baby movement in the womb

Here we look at your baby's movement in the womb during pregnancy including what your baby's movements can tell you and when to seek help.

Sex during pregnancy: questions and concerns

Read for answers to questions about sex during pregnancy including: will sex hurt my baby, what does pregnant sex feel like and going off sex in pregnancy.

Second pregnancy

This article discusses what to expect from your second pregnancy, symptoms you may encounter and the effect having another baby can have on your family.