Coping with pain in labour

Hormones in labour

Hormones play an important role in all stages of labour and birth. Here we discuss the impact they have in terms of pain relief and other physical and emotional changes.

Pain relief in labour

Pain relief in labour

Find out about the different options available for pain relief in labour, including epidural, pethidine, TENS and other means of reducing discomfort before and during childbirth.

woman in birthing pool

Use of water birthing pools in labour

Find out about water birth and using a birthing pool during labour. Read about what happens when a baby is born in water, when you may need to get out and tips on safety.

Pain management in labour and childbirth

This article looks at how your body copes with pain naturally during labour and what you can do to manage and relieve the pain of contractions and childbirth.

Home birth pain relief options

Midwives have a range of pain relief options available for home births. Read about your options, including using pethidine and entonox (gas and air) during labour here.

Using water in pregnancy and birth

Water can provide natural pain relief in labour and birth. Read more about birthing pools, having a bath while pregnant and using hot water bottles.