Buy, Sell, Lend & Borrow - Full Terms & Conditions


This whatsapp group is a friendly place for members to advertise personal pre-loved items for sale, to give away, to buy or to borrow. We rely on everyone's co-operation for the smooth running of the group and do ask that every new member reads our Group Rules below.

Feel free to invite anyone who lives in the NCT North West London branches catchment area and who you feel will benefit from being here.

Welcome and enjoy!




Good practice for the seller/lender

  1. All items must:

    • have an actual photo that best shows the condition - not a web image - unless it is a request to buy

    • state the condition with honesty – including anything that is wrong/tempered with the item if needed

    • state the size/age (clothes), dimensions (furniture)…

    • provide a clear, honest, and accurate description, including the brand where possible

    • state the price and if you are open to offers.

    • state the pick up location as area/postcode (Not in full)/tube station (not your actual address)

    • state whether you have posted on other channels (such as WhatsApp, Facebook…) as this will impact the following bullet point

  1. Items should be sold on a first commented basis. If someone asks a question, they should be given time once you've answered to respond. The maximum time to allow each person to respond is 12 hours, after which you may move to the next person on the list.

  2. Certain items may not be sold: alcohol unless you have a licence, medicines…


Good practice for the buyer/borrower

  1. You have no obligation to purchase the item until you have assessed it mirrors how it was advertised. Please check before paying/leaving with your item that it is as you expected. Discounts are at the sellers’ discretion - unless an object doesn't look or work as described - in which case the seller agrees to refund the buyer.

  2. Please have correct money as amount advertised. Sellers shouldn't be expected to have change readily available

  3. If you have committed to purchase / collect items, please make necessary arrangements to collect as agreed with the seller; if you no longer want to or can no longer collect, please call the seller to let them know as soon as possible.



Advertising for your own business products and services is not allowed, however, you are welcome to recommend businesses upon recommendations request.



  1. Please bear in mind that Administrators do not check anyone who becomes a member

  2. Administrators of this group are in no way to be held responsible for the condition of goods, exchanges of money or the safety of its members when buying/selling. Buying and selling and meeting in person is up to the sole discretion of the members of this group.

  3. Should you have a concern or wish to make a complaint, please refrain from doing so within the group, and contact a member of the admin team directly.

  4. Although we won't always take action based on a single reported breach of these T&C’s, we will take action if we hear/see of breaches patterns or ‘repeat offenders’, including removing a member without warning.

  5. More 'Rules' will be added as needed

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