Sellers' FAQ, Hints & Tips:

Have a question about the sale? Here's a list of commonly asked questions - hopefully you'll find the answer you're looking for. If not, drop us an email on and we'll get back to you.

Where is the sale?

North Holmwood Village Hall, Spook Hill, North Holmwood, Dorking, Surrey, RH5 4JP

How much do tables cost?

£22 for standard table, £8 for rail space
Repeat sellers may be eligible for a loyalty discount, please contact for more details and to find out if you qualify.

What does NCT provide?

Tables are provided to all sellers - approx. 6ft wide by 2ft deep

Rails are not provided by NCT - if you have booked this space, please bring your own rail

How much money will I make?

That depends largely on you. We are extremely proactive at getting the word out to attract buyers. Once these people are through the door, the amount of money you make comes down to the quality of your stock, how well you have priced your items and how engaging you are with potential buyers.

How much of my takings do I keep?

Our Nearly New Sales are "Tabletop" sales, meaning that you keep 100% of the money made through the items you sell, with the exception of large items. These are sold at the central Large Items stand, and are subject to 20% commision. Check out the list of "Large Items" to see what these include. 

What tips do you have about my stand?

Don't overload your table, and know your stock. Shoppers won't be able to see everything you have for sale, so find out what they're after and make suggestions to fit their needs.

Think about your presentation and display your items in an appealing way. Shoppers will be drawn to eye-catching stands.

It's a bonus if you have original packaging or instructions & worth including...if you can find them.

If you have a toy with loads of bits - pop it into a clear sandwich bag & mark it clearly. Highlight key features / appealing notes on the prices (if you have space) - something like, "all pieces included", "in full working order" - anything that you think will help land the sale. 

Can I sell with a friend?

Absolutely, a great way for you both to make some money and have a good clear out. Although, it's worth remembering not to overload your tables.

What can I sell?

Any pre-loved, good quality maternity, parenting, baby and children items; including toys, equipment and clothing from newborn up to aged 10. There are some exclusions, though - please see "What can't I sell" for more details.

NCT sales are "nearly new" sales so items need to be in "good as new" condition and must be clean. Stained, dirty or damaged items are not acceptable, and are a real turn-off for buyers.

Toys should be in good repair with no sharp edges, peeling paint, seams coming apart or loose attachments.
Large items can be sold from the central NCT Large Equipment stand for 20% commission. Check out the "Large Equipment" list to find out what falls into this group.

Large Equipment

  • Cots, cot-beds, cribs, moses baskets
  • Prams, buggies, strollers (there are a few safety standards for these, please see criteria below)
  • Child bikes seats
  • Stair gates, fire guards, bed guards
  • Highchairs
  • Large outdoor toys such as; slides, swings, rockers, trikes, balance bikes and trampolines
  • Framed backpack child carriers (not slings)
  • Children's tables and chairs, and other furniture such as easels
  • Sit-in activity stations, baby walkers, ride-ons, scooters
  • "Vibrating" chairs and any other type of baby / children chairs (except bumbos)
  • Bath tubs (but not bath seats)
  • Buggy boards
  • Baby gyms


Pushchair & Pram Criteria:

Lables - must have a permanent label (usually on the frame or seat cover) stating complicance with British Standard 7409 or EN1888. The standard lays down requirements regarding the constructions, performance and labelling of prams and pushchairs. Machines must also have a lavel headed "Carelessness Causes Fire" which indicates that the fabric complies with flammability requirements.

Brakes - these should work and be able to stop a loaded machine on a slope. The tyres should also be examined as these can affect the performance of brakes.

Locking Devices - there should be two locking devices so that when the main lock is released, the secondary lock prevents the frame from collapsing.

Harness - a secure safety harness must be fitted.

General  - look for damage from wear and tear. Check to ensure that a child's fingers cannot be caught anywhere. The frame should be secure and free from sharp edges or exposed parts.

If you have a travel system, you will need to make a private arrangement with the buyer for the sale of the car seat. For example, you could attach an additional label with the details of the car seat and your contact details. The label must also state "The sale of the car seat will be a private arrangement, for which the NCT will not be responsible."

What can't I sell?

For obvious safety reasons, we cannot allow the sale of the following items:

  • Recalled items (Google Rapid Recalls for the latest ones)
  • Bag-style baby slings
  • Car seats, car booster seats or ISOFIX bases
  • Riding hats and crash helmets
  • Children's outer clothing with a draw-sting hood
  • Bottles, baby food and formula milk
  • Second-hand breast pumps
  • Any toys or elecrical equipment that are mains powered
  • Mattresses (travel cot mattresses are okay, though!)
  • Pedal cycles (if sadel height it more than 635mm)
  • Cosmetics (unless unopened, within date and bought in the UK)
  • Upholstered furniture (unless clearly marked with permanent "Carelessness Causes Fire" safety label)
  • Carrycot stands (unless it's labelled with clear details of height and weight restrictions, and comes with a gaurd rail, suitable base, full instructions. Plus, it mustn't be taller than 432mm) 


What are the timings for the day?

Sellers are able to start setting up at 8:30am, and need to be finished by 9:30am
Doors open to NCT members at 10am, and to general public at 10:15am
The sale will run until 12pm, when sellers can pack up and go home

How do I price my items?

The sellers who make the most money are those who price their items competitively, display them well and help buyers find what they are looking for. Don't be afraid to engage with the buyers - chat to them, find out what they're looking for and make suggestions.

Price your items clearly. We suggest multiples of 50p (makes adding prices up and calculating change much easier!). There are a few clever ways to price your items - masking tape works really well for toys, and can be removed easily. Swing tags for clothes are great, or even safety pins with card (just watch that shoppers don't prick themselves or damage the clothes when rummaging). 

Do not over-price your items. Items must be priced realistically to sell well. Think about how much you would be willing to pay for your item if you were buying it second-hand, potentially having several to chose from. For example, buyers are unlikely to pay £2.00 for a Tesco t-shirt, but will probably snap up a Boden one at that price.

Here's our pricing suggestions to help you:


  • Baby Vests 3 for 50p
  • Babygros 50p - £1.50
  • Shorts/T-Shirts 50p - £2.50
  • Socks/Underwear (5 pairs) £1 - £2
  • Blouses/Shirts £1 - £2.50
  • Trousers/Skirts £1 - £3
  • Dresses £1.50 - £4
  • Jumpers/Cardigans £1.50 - £3
  • Coats/Jackets £3 - £5.50
  • Hats 50p
  • Slippers & Wellies £1 - £3
  • Swimwear £1 - £3


  • Baby Gyms £5 – £10
  • Dolls Pushchairs £2 - £5
  • Jigsaws 50p - £1
  • Ride-on Toys £5 - £12
  • DVD 50p - £1
  • Books 50p - £1


  • Changing Mats £1
  • High Chairs £10+
  • Strollers £10+
  • Pushchairs £25+
  • Travel Cots £10+
  • Fireguards £10+
  • Safety Gates £10+
  • Slings £5 - £15
  • Backpacks £25+

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