Branch Treasurer is Erica Lamson.

The Branch Treasurer must be an NCT member. All volunteers are covered by the conditions of the Volunteer Policy & Charter.  All roles can be shared.

Branches account for approximately 20% of the NCT’s total income. Therefore, the management of branch finances by the branch treasurer, supported by the branch team, is a very important role for the charity as a whole.

The Treasurer:

  • is the manager of the local web-based accounting system for NCT branches;
  • is responsible for keeping the local Lloyds/TSB bank account in good order;
  • produces reports on branch finances for team meetings and/or fundraising planning sessions and the year end accounts for the Annual Members’ Meeting.

A Treasurer must have access to a computer with internet access in order to use the web-based accounting system – a fast processing speed is helpful but not essential.

A successful Treasurer is someone who is ‘good with money’, well organised and who has sufficient time to maintain the branch records, helping the branch to secure and manage the finances for local activities and to contribute to the NCT’s overall income to support over a million parents every year. Being the Branch Treasurer may be hard work and challenging at times, but always interesting and worthwhile.

Time Commitment

The role goes more smoothly when you can devote small amounts of time whenever a financial transaction occurs to keep the records up to date on Intrabiz. This means that at the end of each quarter and at the end of the financial year, the work to close the quarter and prepare the end of year accounts will be quicker and easier. Expect to need to spend more time after nearly new sales and fundraising events, working with these coordinators on the accounts and banking. The NCT Volunteer & Member Profile 2008 showed that 47% of volunteers spent up to 2 hours in a typical week and a further 42% spent 2 to 8 hours on their volunteering.

Full Details

For full details see the role description on Babble, the NCT intranet (you will need your NCT membership number to log into Babble).


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