Sit comfortably after giving birth

What is a valley cushion?

The valley cushion is a specially designed cushion that uses a combination of foam and two adjustable air-filled inflation bags within the cushion to relieve pressure from the perineal and perianal area while sitting down.

Why might I need to hire a valley cushion?

Following childbirth it is estimated that 8-10% of mothers experience perineal or perianal pain. Sitting down may be uncomfortable due to bruising or swelling of the area .

If there has been any damage during childbirth in the form of a tear or episiotomy, both the wound and any stitches which have been placed may cause pain or discomfort when sitting. Piles or haemorrhoids may also be uncomfortable after childbirth.

How does it work?

The cushion has a tapered central channel with two self inflateable airbags either side. Unlike old-fashioned ring cushions, each side of a VALLEY cushion can be inflated and adjusted individually to suit varying pelvic widths. The user inflates these airbags to their own comfort level; this in conjunction with the central channel keeps the perineal and perianal area free from pressure allowing the user to sit comfortably.

A new waterproof 'breathable' COOLTECH cover is fitted for each new hire making the Valley cushion a hygenic choice.

How much does it cost to hire a valley cushion?

Just £15 for a minimum of five days hire which includes a new hygenic cover. Following the intial five day hire period, each day thereafter is charged at £2 per day for as long as you wish to continue hiring for; maybe until some healing has taken place and the area feels less tender when sitting down. A security deposit of £25 is left with the agent which is returned to the hirer on completion of the hire period.

Reduced hire rates are available for those who are claiming benefits.

How do I hire a Valley cushion?

Please contact our volunteer via

The VALLEY cushion is manufactured by UT Care Products Ltd. See for more details.

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