Are you sitting comfortably?

Many new mums experience perineal pain following birth, and this can affect the way they are able to feed and care for their baby. The cushion's purpose is to provide relief from the discomfort of sitting after an episiotomy, tear, stitches, bruising or any perineal trauma.

The Valley Cushion was scientifically designed as an alternative to sitting on a rubber ring, which had proved to be unsatisfactory because rubber rings do not relieve pressure completely from front to back. The Valley Cushion has two adjustable inflatable bags positioned either side of a unique central channel, allowing you to adjust the level of support, whilst ensuring that sore areas are kept from painful pressure.

The Valley Cushion

The Valley Cushion is hygienic and easy to use. Feedback from mothers who have used it has been hugely positive. In fact, some mothers have said that they would have been less inclined to breastfeed in the early days, if it weren't for the cushion.

The branch currently has one Valley Cushion to hire out to anyone who needs it - members or non-members.


  • £25.00 deposit, which is returned when the cushion is returned
  • £15.00 for first 5 days
  • £2 per day thereafter.
  • Reduced hire rates are available for those who are claiming benefits.

To hire, contact Naomi at Please note we can only hire valley cushions to those in the Worthing area. If you live elsewhere, you can check if your local NCT Branch runs a hire service.

The VALLEY cushion is manufactured by UT Care Products Ltd. See for more details.

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