Volunteering is a great way to fill the gap if you are taking time out from work. It's also a great way to give something back if, like most of us who volunteer, NCT provided you with a fantastic group of friends as well as a support network. Most roles can be shared to lessen the workload.

Current Vacancies:

Membership Coordinator

The Membership Coordinator welcomes those getting in touch with the branch (either directly or through other NCT channels) and encourages involvement and membership, keeps in touch with members and encourages renewals.

This volunteer must be held by a member of the charity or someone who is planning to join.

Key Skills:

  • Team work and enthusiasm
  • Time management
  • A good listener and communicator in person, on the telephone and in writing
  • Discretion and empathy
  • Organisation and planning
  • Ability to recruit, motivate and retain members and to spot potential  volunteers
  • Ability to ask for and give help.  

Branch Secretary

The Branch Secretary is:

  • the administrator for the branch team, working closely with the Branch Coordinator
  • the volunteer coordinator for the branch, ensuring that registration of volunteers is kept up to date

A successful Branch Secretary assists the Coordinator in knowing what branches are expected to do, planning and organising meetings and in recruiting/retaining and supporting volunteers. Being the Branch Secretary may be hard work and challenging at times, but always interesting and worthwhile.

Key Tasks


  • With the Coordinator, arrange branch team and Annual Members’ Meetings (AMM), the order of business, venue and any other details
  • Communicate notices/agenda to members/team members in time for each meeting by email or post
  • Take minutes at meetings to record decisions and action points, to ensure that everyone is aware of plans for activities, timings etc., and circulate these in good time
  • Keep a filing system of key materials related to branch meetings.

Key Skills

The Branch Secretary needs many of the same qualities as the Coordinator:

  • team working and building
  • delegation
  • realism
  • setting priorities
  • a good listener and communicator
  • discretion
  • organisation
  • ability to ask for help

This role requires someone that is a current NCT Member.

Parent Support Coordinator

The Parent Support Coordinator (PSC) is the organiser of the branch parent support system. Sometimes called the postnatal coordinator this role is a key one in our branch team.

The key function of branches is to provide support activities such as bumps and babies and open houses for parents-to-be and new parents – many parents speak warmly and gratefully about the friendships made through branches so the role of the Parent Support Coordinator is vital and brings the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping others.

Under the Branch Charter, branches must have a Parent Support Coordinator. The other required positions are: Branch Coordinator, Membership Coordinator and Treasurer. All core branch team members must be NCT members. All volunteers are covered by the conditions of the Volunteer Policy & Charter.

The Parent Support Coordinator is:

  • the organiser of the branch parent support system
  • the main contact for parents and health/children’s services professionals about the services and support on offer
  • the link with branch specialist workers for class supporters and information about mutual support through the branch

A successful Parent Support Coordinator knows what parents-to-be and new parents need and ensures that the branch provides a range of activities that will help the NCT reach all local parents, establishing the branch as the local FACE of the NCT – fun, accessible, caring and encouraging.

The Parent Support Coordinator is not alone. All branch decisions should be made by the team as a whole, so no one person needs to feel over-burdened by anything. Support is available from a variety of sources. It is important to make good use of this support

Marketing and Press Officer

We are looking for someone able to communicate effectively and persuasively about the NCT in order to maximise opportunities for raising the branch’s and charity’s profile through media coverage and other publicity materials.

A successful Marketing and Press Officer is confident and creative, able to build up relationships with the local media to publicise and celebrate branch activities and the achievements of the NCT as a whole.

This volunteer must be held by a member of the charity.

Role description:

Making sure our branch and its activities are well known in our area is important and marketing what you do to parents is a vital role.  The NCT role that makes such the branch is known is the Branch Publicity Officer.  Being the Branch Publicity officer can be great fun - and if you follow some very simple guidelines it for a small time commitment and can be very effective in raising the profile of your local Branch and the NCT.

The power of local media is sometimes undervalued. Did you know that 87% of people in the UK read their local paper? Or that 70% listen to their local radio station?

The role of the Publicity Officer is to get as much free publicity for the Branch and the NCT as possible, in the local paper, or on local radio or TV. To be a Publicity Officer all you need is the ability to talk openly and persuasively about your branch, a good knowledge of what the NCT does, and the contact telephone numbers of Branch volunteers who can talk about specific subjects.

Here are some of the things you may like to do:

  • Write press releases, statements or photo-call notices to send to your local newspaper or radio/TV station
  • Write letters to your local newspaper to be published in the Letters to Editor page
  • Write letters to a local celebrity asking them to attend a local fundraising event or activity
  • Talk to journalists from local newspapers about an NCT event or activity
  • Be interviewed on TV or radio about an NCT event or activity
  • Provide contact details to the Press Office of local spokespeople willing to talk to the press on local issues; for example the closure of local maternity units.

The NCT Press Office can help you with any questions you have about dealing with the media and provide you with media materials. There is a Branch PR Guide to help you with local publicity, and gaining local support. There are some tools or your role and information here. For advice and tips on the media and publicity please visit our media and publicity page

In addition, there is an e-group for all Publicity Officers to keep in touch with each other and to share information such as press releases, press statements and news about local media work.

If you would like to discuss the role, would like a Publicity Officer Pack or would like further information, please contact NCT Press Office on 020 8752 2404 or email branchsupport@nct.org.uk

Newsletter Editor and Content Editors

The Editor produces the local NCT newsletter for an audience of local members, parents and other relevant people by gathering articles, editing and laying out the newsletter. They are also responsible for putting together the rest of the newsletter team (Content Editors, Proof Readers, etc.). Content Editors work with the Editor to write and/or source articles for the newsletter.

Baby First Aid Course volunteers

Volunteers are needed to help set up the room, introduce the British Red Cross trainer to the group and then tidy away once finished. We currently run roughly 2 courses a month generally on a Saturday (morning and afternoon). Each course lasts 2 1/2 hours. Depending on how many other volunteers are available, you would only be expected to host one course a month at most. A bonus of this role is that you get to learn the course for free! If you are unable to attend for the full length of the course, we urgently need volunteers to be able to open the room and to meet the trainer and attendees, the trainer would then be able to lock up at the end of the day.

Events Team Leader and volunteers

We are also always on the look out for enthusiastic parents who would like to get involved in planning and running the events that we hold throughout the year. The sense of achievement at the end of another successful NCT party is almost addictive, and you get to meet a wealth of new parents along the way.

Baby Changing and Feeding Tent Coordinator and volunteers

Do you fancy volunteering for NCT St Albans and District’s ‘Baby changing and feeding tent’?

We provide a quiet space at various local events, fairs and festivals and need a Coordinator to source and arrange bookings and volunteers to set up, man the tent throughout the event and then pack up. The big bonus would be free entry!

Grant Fundraising Coordinator

Being the grant fundraising coordinator for our branch is immensely rewarding. With assistance from the rest of the branch team you coordinate the planning and funding of local outreach projects.

The role is ideal for volunteers who love planning, researching and attention to detail. A successful application brings a great sense of satisfaction to the whole team.

No previous knowledge is required as there is plenty of support available in the form of factsheets and help from your regional team and the UKO Community Fundraising Team.  You can also access Foundation Training by attending a Regional Training Day.

Grant fundraising is a hugely valuable role; raising grant funding can enable our branch to respond to the need in our local community and provide vital support for parents and families.

Key tasks:
•    To work with the Branch Co-ordinator, Treasurer and Fundraising Co-ordinator to plan branch fundraising, in particular identifying suitable projects for grant funding applications
•    To liaise with the UKO Fundraising Team regarding any grant applications
•    To identify and utilise locally available information to demonstrate the case for support
•    To identify and build relationships with appropriate grant providers
•    To act as a point of contact for branch volunteers interested in applying for a grant, encouraging and supporting them in writing their own applications where suitable
•    To write applications adhering to the funders criteria and assist other volunteers in their applications
•    Monitor successful applications and ensure that reporting requirements are met, thereby maintaining positive relationships with funders

Key skills & attributes:
•    Communication skills, both written and verbal
•    Research via internet/phone/paper resources
•    Attention to detail

An understanding of NCT’s work is useful, as is knowledge of grants fundraising, but not essential.

Time commitment:
Aside from your branch planning process around your Annual Members’ Meeting, you should expect to spend a maximum of 15 hours on each grant application.

Support for Grant Fundraising Coordinators:
•    It is important to remember that the Grant Fundraising Coordinator is part of the branch team. Don't hesitate - if in doubt, ask for advice.
•    There is a member of staff in the UK Office Fundraising Department who has time dedicated specifically to supporting branch grant applications. S/he can support you with research, advice and review applications for you. Contact fundraising@nct.org.uk or 020 8752 2388.
•    You can find a full list of fundraising resources, from guides to egroups on our intranet system.
•    Attend training sessions offered at regional days and annual conference.

Bumps and Babies Coordinator and helpers

We are currently looking for volunteers to run our Bumps and Babies sessions on Wednesdays 1.30pm-2.45pm (term time only) in the Fleetville Community Centre, although this could be flexible as the group is not longer running due to lack of volunteers. The role involves getting the mats and toys out, serving refreshments, welcoming new parents and asking for people to help tidy at the end of the session. The rest of the time you get to sit and chat with the rest of the group! It's a lovely role and really helps you get involved supporting your local NCT branch. Ideally we would have a rota so that everyone does one or two sessions a month.

Area Coordinators

Most areas will hold weekly or fortnightly coffee mornings or afternoons, providing support for new parents like yourself and you are very welcome.  We are looking for enthusiastic people to organise coffee mornings and welcome new people to your area. If your area has a vacancy, why not put yourself forward, It's not a huge commitment and a great way to meet others in your neighbourhood. The following areas currently have vacancies:

Townsend and New Greens

Bernards Heath

Marshalswick and Jersey Farm

City Station


St Michaels

Cottonmill Lane


St Stephens and St Julians

Highfield and villages

Chiswell Green, Park Street and Bricket Wood

London Colney and Napsbury

Radlett and Shenley



Nearly New Sale Team Leader and volunteers

When it comes to volunteering at Nearly New Sales there is something for everyone. Whether you love chatting to people, organising or have a mind for numbers, your local sale will have a role to suit you.

Our sales rely on our fantastic volunteers and they achieve so much. Last year Nearly New Sales supported over 200,000 parents access high quality affordable baby and pregnancy clothes, toys and equipment.

We are currently looking for a Team Leader, someone to cover general enquiries, a Volunteers Coordinator, a Marketing Coordinator, a Catering Coordinator and general volunteers. PLEASE get in touch if you can help in any of these positions.



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