The Darlington & District NCT branch volunteer team really needs some help to keep going.

We have lost a number of volunteers over the past 6 months and we really need some new helpers on board to be able to continue to provide activities and services for local mums. Our branch has to have a certain number of volunteers to comply with the requirements of our charter and stay open. It is natural for all branches to experience a cycle of volunteers - after all, we are all only new mums for a short period.

There is no bigger change in life than the transition from full time work to becoming a new mum. Of course you love your bundle of joy and you wouldn’t be without them for the world. But for many women there is a shock in the transition from their productivity at work, to barely managing to get dressed, fold the laundry and empty the dishwasher, all while incredibly sleep deprived!

The events and activities that we set up within the NCT seek to provide social networks to help new parents explore their new roles together, sharing information and providing support.

Volunteering to help the NCT reach out to other parents can provide you with further opportunity:
* To feel that you are still contributing in some way
* Something different to add to your CV
* To have a sense of purpose
* To broaden your social circle
* To do something that is completely baby friendly - every meeting is between parents, and babies can always come.

These plans all need our time, but we struggle sometimes to have enough volunteer hours to even meet current commitments.

If you are interested in finding out more you can contact me by email: or via on our Facebook page:

You can also find out more information about our branch at:

Sarah Ellis
Volunteer Branch Co-ordinator
Mum to Georgina & Reuben

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