These unique classes provide a wonderful opportunity for new mums to ease their way back into exercise after the birth, while including their baby in the exercise. Our classes use yoga based exercises and poses to help get back into shape by strengthening and toning the abdominal, back and pelvic floor muscles; regain good posture and help to re-energise and increase energy levels and fitness, as well as speeding up the healing process and gaining some vital relaxation skills to reduce stress.

For baby, there is fun yoga based exercises for them too, with developmental massage and singing. They are gaining skills to encourage strength and flexibility, which encourages the baby's reflexes to develop and in doing so will help with their gross and fine motor skill development. The yoga inspired exercises also help baby to relax and sleep better. Mums are able to exercise with their baby whilst enjoying close meaningful interaction with them. Following the exercise we have Topic Time with refreshments that we provide, with questions and chat around mum and baby, sharing experiences and practical tips. Topic's that have come up for example are baby led weaning/introducing solids, baby's development and temperament.

Please bring a blanket and toy/rattle and any other essential items you need for your baby.

These NCT classes are run as a course of 6 weeks to benefit mum and baby. The courses are for mums who are 6 weeks plus postnatal and up to babies crawling.

How we help

- Enables mums to stretch and strengthen their muscles
- Gaining flexibility and gently assisting a gradual return to physical and mental health
- Able to deepen the bond and relationship with baby, as it's exercise 'with Baby'
- Can speed up healing and recovery in the postnatal period
- Concentrating on the connection between breathing, the physical self, thoughts and feelings
- Provides greater energy and feeling refreshed
- Reduces aches and pains
- Great opportunity to meet other mothers, in a fun and safe environment
- Physically active parent is also a positive role model to their baby and child
- Gain lots of ideas to use at home with baby

- Calming and fun for baby to grow in confidence
- Safe and nurturing, the exercises encourage baby's developmental milestones
- Learn to relax and aid better sleep
- Reduce crying and stress
- Improve digestion and chest congestion
- Boost the immune system
- Neuromuscular development
- Music and rhythm fosters brain development, encouraging speech and language skills as well as helping to re-balance a baby

If you are interested in our NCT Relax and Stretch with Baby classes and would like to find out more or to book then please contact Berenice Sewell at or phone 07581744048.

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