NCT services are built upon a parent-centred approach. This means understanding and respecting each parent’s individual circumstances and supporting them to make the decisions that are right for them.

Women breastfeeding

The UK Department of Health adopts the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidance recommending exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of an infant's life. It is recommended breastfeeding should continue beyond six months,alongside the introduction of appropriate solid foods.

Research suggests that most mothers want to breastfeed, but many give up within the first few weeks. Of those who stop, 80% wanted to carry on but felt they had insufficient support. By providing trustedand personalised support, alongside evidence-based information, we can support women to breastfeed their babies and promote positive feeding experiences for both mother and baby..

Why work with NCT?

  • 290 Trained NCT Breastfeeding Counsellors, 34 Baby Cafes offering drop-in breastfeeding support. 135 Breastfeeding Peer Supporters trained in the last 12 months. 320 active Breastfeeding Peer Supporters across the UK offering over 2500 hours of voluntary breastfeeding support in the last quarter alone.

  • We are the UK’s largest parenting charity (registered #801395),offering in-person support to 106,000 families and online/helpline support to over 6.4m parents in 2021.

  • With 65+ years' experience, NCT is the recognised UK leader in parenting and early days education.

  • We equip parents with the latest trusted information to support their decision-making needs.

    • For example, we worked with Public Health England, the NHS, the Royal College of Midwives, and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists to provide information about Covid vaccine safety during pregnancy.

  • We proactively help create networks of vital support and life-long friendship with over 7,100 local community events across the UK last year.

  • We are committed to being an anti-racist, anti-discriminatory charity where all families are welcomed and supported.

"I used the Peer supporter when my baby was only a week old as I had really struggled with confidence and whether I was doing things right. I met with the Peer online and she was amazing!! Just having another mum who had breastfed and knew what I was going through and who could answer my questions and worries was fantastic. And the best part was the Peer telling me that I was doing a great job was the confidence booster I needed to keep going! My baby is 11 weeks now and we are both having an amazing breastfeeding journey and a lot of this is because of the support Lothian Breastfeeding Buddies gave me at the start, so thank you!"

How can NCT help you, your services, and families in your area? 

NCT offer a wealth of support for local families within the community and cancustomise your commissioning needs with any of the following options:

Service Description

Community Infant Feeding Support Groups 

Community support is the fundamental backbone of normalising breastfeeding, getting mothers out in their communities breastfeeding, feeling comfortable and with support on hand. 

Each group will be welcoming, champion inclusion and diversity and be a safe space for women to seek support with feeding - as well as offering support for the emotional and social needs of the people attending. 

Telephone Support Service 

The first two weeks are crucial at establishing Breastfeeding and the most challenging time to leave the house to receive the support needed. NCT will provide a service to offer 48 Hour follow up calls and two week follow up for mothers breastfeeding at the time of discharge.  

Tailored workshops:  

NCT offer a variety of tailored antenatal and postnatal workshops to equip parents with evidence-based information about how they might feed their baby.  

Breastfeeding Peer Support Training  

NCT can recruit to and deliver Breastfeeding Peer Support training to volunteers in the region.  All Peers will be offered OCN London (Open College Network) accredited training before supporting in the community then equipped with ongoing training and supervision monthly via NCT whilst volunteering for a minimum of 12 months. 

Training of Wider Workforce 

NCT will provide short training sessions for the wider workforce within the region for any employee who might be a touch point for any parent during the antenatal and postnatal breastfeeding journey. Ensuring an empowered Start for life Workforce. 

Maternity Ward Support 

NCT will work collaboratively with the Midwifery Infant Feeding team across the region to allow Peer Supporters to offer information and support to woman on the maternity ward, both postnatal wards and neonatal wards.    

1:1 Support 

For women with more complex breastfeeding issues that go beyond the remit of the Breastfeeding Peer Supporter, NCT can provide a Breastfeeding - to provide one to one support. 

An Infant Feeding Network and Directory of Support 

NCT can take lead on developing an Infant Feeding Network in the area to ensure pathways are connected. It will also ensure an up-to-date printed and digital format of Breastfeeding Pathways support options is available for the area.  

Our proven model aims to support parents to feed how they want to, and improve breastfeeding rates.  

Do contact us at if you have any questions or would like to discuss any opportunities for customised commissioning

"Our Breastfeeding Peer Supporters provide invaluable empathetic listening, a friendly face and local knowledge to our residents. The NCT frequently showcase the brilliant work being delivered to mum’s and families by volunteers, and also demonstrate the impact this is having upon women, infants, and their families which will contribute to long term improvements in their health Consultant Lead for Clinical Policies & Children’s Public Health Cambridge City Council and Peterborough City Council"

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