Our popular antenatal classes and postnatal courses grow your knowledge, skills and support networks to help you feel prepared and confident on your journey into parenthood. Discover and learn with other local parents-to-be and make vital connections and life-long friends in your local community.

Our antenatal classes, courses and workshops

At NCT, we have the largest range of antenatal classes and services available to you. For more information, take a look at what we offer or talk to us today.

Why choose NCT?

We are NCT, the leading charity for birth, pregnancy and early parenthood. Founded in 1956, we have been supporting parents for over 65 years. We deliver the widest range of antenatal classes, postnatal courses, workshops and services to over 70,000 expectant and new parents across the UK and Channel Islands every year.

We lead the field in parenting education. Every NCT course leader is trained, licensed and professionally developed to deliver you a gold-standard antenatal course or postnatal class experience, packed with the very latest evidence-based information, practical skills and in-depth local knowledge.

We don’t stand still. NCT antenatal class and postnatal course content is always evolving in response to new evidence, guidelines and the views of parents. We encourage and proactively gather parent feedback after antenatal courses, postnatal courses and after birth, feeding this into the continuous development of our services.

We are here to help you explore your options and navigate your own personal journey, whatever birth, feeding or caring decisions you make. We do this by sharing evidence-based knowledge and signposting. NCT want to empower you to decide which information to trust and confidently make decisions that are right for you and your family. We are not here to tell you what to think, we don’t provide clinical advice and we won’t promote one way over another.

We are here to support all parents to have the best possible experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.