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Get practical and emotional support in all areas of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood including help with feeding.

You can get parent-to-parent support from other parents on our New Parents Community and HealthUnlocked Community.

Do you volunteer? If so, please fill in our volunteer registration form. This way you’ll get up to date information about us, volunteering and training as we will hold the correct and relevant details about you.

Frequently asked questions

Want to resubscribe to NCT Pregnancy and Baby emails?
You can do this via our online form.
Want to change your name, your details and your address?
You can do this using our online registration system.
Would you like to become a member of NCT?
If you would like to become an NCT member please visit our membership page.
Are you thinking about volunteering for NCT?
If you would like to become an NCT volunteer please contact your local branch for more information; you can find their details on our branch search.
Are you thinking about attending an NCT Nearly New Sale?
If you would like to attend or to be a seller, please contact your local branch for more information. You can find their details using our branch search.
Are you planning to book NCT Antenatal, Postnatal or any other NCT course?
If you would like to book an NCT course please search for available courses on our website or contact your NCT booking administrator directly. You can search for details on our courses page.
Do you want to work for NCT?
If you would like to become a part of the NCT team, please visit our jobs board.


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