All of our 600 course leaders are trained to the highest standards in partnership with the University of Worcester, licensed and professionally developed to deliver a gold-standard antenatal or postnatal course packed with the very latest trusted information, practical skills and in-depth local knowledge.

So, when you attend your NCT course, you’ll be sure to meet a friendly, passionate and knowledgeable course leader who’ll leave you feeling informed, confident and supported in your journey to becoming a parent:

  • NCT course leaders have chosen a career supporting new families. They have a passion for supporting, inspiring and guiding expectant and new parents through pregnancy and the early days of parenthood.
  • NCT course leaders are University-level trained facilitators. They are skilled in balancing and tailoring information, prompting discussions and enabling groups to make long-lasting connections to help you to have the best experience.
  • NCT course leaders are trained in getting group and one-to-one conversations flowing, running informative and practical small group activities. They are here to listen to and respond to every question using relevant evidence-based information to meet the learning needs of individual parents and groups they teach, in an objective and balanced way.
  • NCT Course leaders are distinct from healthcare professionals. They can deliver an objective, independent view of local health services backed by knowledge and evidence-based information to communicate what’s happening on the ground with services near you.

Meet our team


Aishah Safdar - NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor

Aishah Safdar

Breastfeeding counsellor

I trained as a breastfeeding counsellor with NCT over 10 years ago and have since been able to provide many women and their families with the much needed support during their feeding journey. I have also gone on to support colleagues through assessing, supervision and moderating, as well as delivering peer support training. What I value the most is enabling and empowering mothers to trust themselves in making the right decisions in their feeding journey.

Outside of NCT I am currently the Chair of Governors at my local primary school, a fitness instructor and a personal trainer. I will also be qualified as a therapeutic counsellor by July 2021 and am currently providing counselling for the NHS as well as a charity supporting women who have experienced domestic violence and/or abuse.


Susy Broekhuizen - NCT antenatal teacher

Susy Broekhuizen

Antenatal teacher

I lead NCT antenatal courses and NCT Refresher antenatal courses including providing feeding information. I am passionate about supporting new parents and have trained with NCT since 2013.

It is a privilege to support parents in their early days; from pregnancy to parenthood. In fact, I gained my Diploma in Antenatal Education following my own experiences of NCT after I attended an NCT antenatal class and made lifelong friends!

My background is in science and I’m a working mum of three. My day job is in research so I am passionate about supporting parents with practical evidence-based information. I enjoy the opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics based on parents needs in classes, around labour and birth and life with your new baby.

I am also a mindfulness practitioner, mental health first aider and STEM ambassador for schools.


Fran Hill - NCT Antenatal Teacher

Fran Hill

Antenatal teacher

Since 2006, I’ve supported over 1,000 parents through antenatal courses with NCT.

I love working with parents and offering support at this really exciting time. I got involved with NCT after I attended an antenatal course myself when I was pregnant with my first baby.  I volunteered for the local NCT branch (and still do!) and began training to facilitate classes when my second child was a baby.

In my courses I want parents to have a positive experience of birth and parenthood. Working with NCT is really rewarding and I often bump into parents in Bicester who tell me how valuable the support from their NCT group was in the early days and, more often than not, that they are still in touch with one another.


Hannah Appelgren - NCT Antenatal Teacher

Hannah Appelgren

Antenatal teacher

I am an antenatal teacher and just love running yoga for pregnant and new mums.

I trained with NCT initially, back in 2009 because of my interest in pregnancy and childbirth following my own experience of being a mother of three. I was also keen to find a job that would fit in with family life.

I absolutely love my work with NCT, it is a privilege to get to meet so many people at such an important time in their lives. My overarching aim is that pregnant women and their partners have a positive birth experience, whatever that means for them, and that they feel informed and confident to care for and love their babies.


Jane Saville - NCT Antenatal Teacher and Breastfeeding counsellor

Jane Saville

Antenatal teacher Breastfeeding counsellor

As a parent of two, I am so happy to have supported 1000s of parents through NCT antenatal courses and breastfeeding support since I started in 2008.

I am passionate about empowering people to make their own decisions about birth and parenthood. As an experienced course leader my goal is to guide parents through their pregnancy journey and support those decisions.


Sally Parkin - NCT Antenatal Teacher

Sally Parkin

Antenatal teacher

I’m so pleased to have supported over 1000 parents through antenatal courses since starting with NCT in 2012.

I began training with NCT after my first child was born in 2009. I wanted to know more about birth and support other families. In 2015 I trained as a doula, supporting families during birth and in the postnatal period. I now train other doulas as part of Doula UK. I love my work and think I have the best job in the world!


Val Willcox - NCT Antenatal Teacher

Val Willcox

Antenatal teacher

Since 2008, I’ve supported over 2,000 parents through antenatal courses and NCT Refresher antenatal courses.

After having my own two children, I discovered I had a passion for birth and parenting and wanted to support other expectant and new parents. It’s a privilege to be able to support parents at such a transformational time in their lives.

I have really good links with Basildon Hospital and a particular interest in supporting birth partners, perinatal mental well-being and baby brain development. Teaching antenatal classes is amazing and I love meeting local expectant and new parents and walking alongside them on their journey.


Linda Hillaire - NCT Antenatal Teacher

Linda Hillaire

Antenatal teacher

I love supporting parents through antenatal courses and have done since I joined NCT in 2014. In my time with the charity, I’ve supported around 300 parents.

I have four children and I started my training with NCT as a career change as It was a happy medium between becoming a midwife. I love working alongside so many passionate women and as someone who is always eager to learn, giving support and information to new parents is a great, fun way to hone my experience and provide the best possible care.


Caroline Elly - Postnatal Practitioner

Caroline Elly

Postnatal Practitioner

I was thrilled when I first heard about the chance to train as a postnatal leader with NCT as I felt strongly that parents need more support postnatally than is often available.

I started working as a postnatal practitioner in 2004 and now run Early Days courses and Introducing Solids sessions for NCT.  I feel incredibly lucky to work with parents at the start of their parenting journey offering support and a safe space to explore the challenges and joys of being a parent.


Jane Holder - Postnatal Practitioner

Jane Holder

Antenatal teacher   Postnatal Practitioner

I've recently joined the NCT team and support parents in their antenatal and postnatal journey. Mother to nine children, the last being identical twins, I have a passion for supporting parents around their birth and early parenting experiences. I find the most rewarding experience is seeing friendships and parents’ confidence grow within the groups.


Caroline Smith - Postnatal Practitioner

Caroline Smith

Postnatal Practitioner

I've been a postnatal practitioner for 12 years and supported hundreds of new parents as they embark upon their parenting journeys. I am a passionate believer that everyone should be able to parent in their own way, as every family and every baby is different. I was previously a scientist and have a particular interest in infant development.


Kate Wadsworth - Postnatal Practitioner

Kate Wadsworth

Antenatal teacher   Postnatal Practitioner

I became an antenatal practitioner in 2014 and qualified as a postnatal practitioner in 2019. I am also a mum-of-three, so I understand that the time after the birth of a baby can be both challenging and rewarding. I have a passion for enriching the care of expectant and new families, I aim to do this by providing practical and emotional support either through Antenatal and Early Days courses,  I also volunteer as a breastfeeding support worker at the local hospital and as a postnatal doula.


Emma Gilmore - Postnatal Practitioner

Emma Gilmore

Postnatal Practitioner

I qualified as a NCT Postnatal Practitioner in 2013 and since then have supported parents through Early Days postnatal courses and Introduction to Solids Workshops as well as supporting my branch.  

I have two children ages 14 and 12.  My journey with NCT started when I attended an Antenatal class when pregnant with my son. I had such a positive experience that I wanted to continue being part of the charity.

 I enjoy supporting, facilitating and empowering parents to help make informed decisions and feel more confident about early parenting. Connecting mums and helping them to build a future support network is a very rewarding experience.

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