From loneliness to latching on, from crying to the cost of parenting, our volunteers are there to help parents make new friends, share skills and swap tips.

Group of NCT volunteers

Our network of over 6,000 volunteers arrange regular activities that help around 700,000 parents each year.

Our family-friendly, flexible approach to volunteering means that you too could join one of our supportive teams. It’s a great way to meet a like-minded community, develop new skills and have some fun.

Everyone can volunteer – you don’t need to have used NCT or to be a parent yourself. We’d love you to be involved.

“When my second baby was four months old, I was starting to think and plan about going back to work part-time. My eldest was moving into pre-school so I knew I would have free time. As well as wanting to get back to work, I wanted to make friends and gain some practical experience to build my confidence. I found my local NCT volunteer branch through a web search. I met other parents and volunteers at a parent meet-up event. They were so nice and enthusiastic that I was quick to agree to help run the parent meet-ups and to start a walking group. I was so excited to be doing something for others and getting my brain working again.”

– Nadia, mum and NCT volunteer, Bristol

The welfare and safety of individuals is at that heart of everything that we do. We ensure that everybody who engages with our services, activities and events are safe and protected. This includes pregnant women, their partners, babies, children and new parents, as well as our staff, volunteers, students and practitioners.  We are committed to safeguarding excellence and have a continuous improvement programme in place to review our safeguarding practices. 

Join Nadia and thousands of parents like her by becoming an NCT volunteer. We have a range of different roles that can fit around your family and/or working life. How much time you can spare is completely up to you.

Volunteers' Week 2021

Some of our wonderful volunteers will be sharing their stories across our social media channels during Volunteers’ Week. Look out for them on Facebook and Instagram to see why they enjoy being an NCT volunteer. And read some here:

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Volunteering roles


Our local NCT community activities are run by volunteers. We call these groups “branches”, and they’re the local face of NCT: friendly, accessible, caring and encouraging. There are many ways volunteers can get involved in branches. Here’s a selection of the types of roles we offer.

Branch coordinator

Leads the Branch team, is the main link with NCT staff and regional volunteers and an advocate for NCT locally.

Parent support coordinator

Organises a range of local activities alongside other volunteers, and is the contact for parents looking to join in.

Baby First Aid coordinator

Organises Baby First Aid courses, liaising with British Red Cross to deliver the course to local parents, and raise funds for the Branch.

Nearly New Sale team

NCT Nearly New Sales (NNS) raise essential funds and provide a valuable parent service. The NNS Team make sales run smoothly, organising sellers, stock and promoting the sale to local parents.


Leads the good financial management of the local Branch Team and is the main link with NCT staff and regional volunteers on all local fundraising and finance processing.

Membership coordinator

A key communication role, helping to make sure members and volunteers know what local NCT community activities are happening around them.

Parent services link

Communicates with key local NCT staff and practitioners, providing updates on local NCT community events and attending NCT classes to share this news.

Bumps & Babies volunteer

Organises social Bumps & Babies group for parents and parents-to-be, in local homes or coffee shops.

Newsletter editor

Coordinates and organises the content of the local NCT newsletter, including advertising and sharing local news and parent stories that help raise the profile of NCT and raise funds.

Hire & loan services volunteer

Offer a cloth nappy or sling hire service for new parents.

Social media volunteer

Promotes all the local NCT community activities and coordinates key social media campaigns.

Peer supporters

Some local NCT communities fundraise to train breast-feeding peer supporters. Other parent-to-parent peer support roles are available in some areas.


NCT volunteers are supportive. Our regional volunteers help local NCT groups to get started and keep going. There are a number of different ways to support local parent groups which can fit around busy lives and bring great personal satisfaction.

Regional coordinator

Leads and recruits a team of regional volunteers, offers support and guidance to branch volunteers and is the main link with our UK office and an advocate for NCT regionally.

Area link 

Some larger regions are divided into areas. Area link volunteers keep in touch with their local groups, offer support and guidance and liaise with the Regional Coordinator.

Regional newsletter reader

Receives newsletters from branches across the region, reads them to keep up to date with branch achievements and offers support and feedback.

Regional fundraising support

Offers support and guidance to branches looking to increase or diversify their fundraising.

Regional treasurer support

Offers support and guidance to branches on good financial practices.

Regional social media coordinator

Coordinates the regional social media channels to help neighbouring branches coordinate activities and do joint promotion.

Do you have skills or experience that you can offer NCT on a national or strategic level? Let us know:

In some areas NCT has special contracts to deliver specific services for parents. Many of these involve the recruitment and training of peer volunteers. To find out more about some of these services, visit our services area.

"Peer supporter training has answered questions, raised new ones and taught me how to respond to them in the best way using reliable sources. Most importantly, I now feel better equipped to listen and respond to mums beginning their nurturing journeys with new communication skills…

"I hope that I can play a part in giving other families the opportunity to have the positive experience with breastfeeding ours has had and have already helped so many members of my extended family in addition to volunteering with phone calls for the NCT."

- Breastfeeding peer supporter, Peterborough

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