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Released on: 17/01/2017

Dangerously low staffing levels mean that half of women (50%) experience at least one red flag event during childbirth, according to a new report from NCT and the National Federation of Women’s Institutes (NFWI) today.

Released on: 30/11/2016

Errol Murray is the founder of Leeds Dads, a support group for dads, which grew out of his local NCT branch. Here he talks about dads’ friendships and why these days he tries to avoid a beery night out.

Released on: 28/11/2016

In response to NHS England’s plan to improve mental health care for pregnant women and new mums, Elizabeth Duff, Senior Policy Adviser, NCT, said:

Released on: 18/11/2016

Mind’s Media Awards turned out to be a real emotional rollercoaster.

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