Baby & toddler

Baby & toddler

Your baby's arrived… what now? You’ve probably got 101 things on your mind but don't worry; you're not on your own. We offer information and support as your baby develops, to make sure everything's OK and keep your little one safe.

From their postnatal checks to feeding, sleep and day-to-day care, we've got articles and videos to help you figure it all out.

We cover the fun stuff from your baby's first words to the tough stuff like coping with crying, teething, potty training and tantrums. You'll find useful information and handy tips from parents and healthcare professionals.

As the UK's largest charity for parents, we can help you meet local parents in your area through our branch events. We also provide a range of useful and practical postnatal courses including Early Days courses, Baby Massage coursesIntroducing Solid Foods workshops and Baby First Aid courses.

Most popular topics

Mum cuddling baby and looking worried

What’s normal and when should you call the GP? From common sniffles to meningitis, we cover the A to Z of your baby’s health.

Happy baby everyday care

In the first weeks and months, you’ll be getting to grips with looking after your new baby. Find out everything you need to know about babycare basics.

Women feeding differently

Whether you’re breastfeeding, formula-feeding or both, you’ll find lots of useful articles about feeding here. Plus, tips on introducing solids when you’re ready.

Learning to talk

Mama, Dada…your baby’s first words will always be special but how do you encourage and support their language skills? Read up here.