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We are the charity that supports people as they become parents.

We make your membership count!

By joining the NCT movement, you are supporting our charitable work, which includes: 

  • Connecting, informing, and supporting parents through our antenatal and postnatal courses. 
  • Peer support programmes for parents who may be under-served by society or who are experiencing challenges with mental health, social isolation, or other unmet needs. 
  • Supporting parents to make informed decisions through access to evidence-based information on our website, social media, and free Infant Feeding Support Line.  
  • Hosting hundreds of events in the community, creating opportunities for parents to connect with each other and access information and support close to home. 

Today, this work is more important than ever as parents face overstretched maternity services, disparities in quality of care, postnatal support in crisis, and the rising cost of living. 

100% of every membership is a donation to the charity

Join from just 10p per day - plus you can add a second member at no added cost!

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By choosing NCT Membership you help transform the lives of expectant and new parents in local communities up and down the UK.

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We also offer a reduced price membership at £10 per year (or £2.50 every 3 months) if you receive Universal Credit (except where the award is for child element only) or tax credits (excluding child tax credits alone). We also offer a special rate for those who volunteer with us.

Membership donations can be paid using Direct Debit or Credit/Debit Card. Paying by Direct Debit means we can automatically renew your membership so you don't miss out. But we will always let you know before we take any money from you, in line with the Direct Debit Guarantee, in case you have changed your mind.

Discover the benefits of an NCT Membership

We offer a range of benefits to all our members to thank you for all that you do.

Postnatal talks

Live postnatal talks

Knowledge, insights, and strategies from experienced practitioners

Offers & Discounts

Offers & discounts

Special offers for NCT members

Digital Magazine

Digital magazine

Information you can trust on parenting topics that matter

Nearly New Sales

Early entry to Nearly New Sales

Beat the crowds and get first-pick of pre-loved items at great prices

Parenting support

Parenting support

Help fund free support for others while accessing exclusive guidance

Live postnatal talks

Join our exclusive series of live postnatal talks, available to NCT members only. Each 45-minute session offers support and information for new parents with babies up to six weeks old. During these five talks our experienced NCT practitioners will share knowledge, insights and strategies on the following key topics:

Finding your feet

In this talk our experienced postnatal practitioners will focus on the expectations and reality of becoming a parent.

Focusing on common experiences and feelings of adjusting to being parents, changes and challenges to family relationships will also be explored.

This talk will help build your understanding and self-confidence as a parent and your ability to manage the changes and challenges ahead.

Getting to know your baby

This talk will cover everything you need to know about the fourth trimester.

Our experienced postnatal practitioners will help you understand your newborn’s needs, share ideas on how you can support your baby’s transition from womb to world as well as focussing on the importance of self care and compassion. 

Areas covered will include early infant development, recognising relevant cues and skin to skin contact.

You’ll leave with a better understanding of the reality of taking care of your baby and equipped with strategies to help find balanced information and resources. 

Newborn sleep

This 45 minute  talk will focus on your newborn's sleep.

Our experienced postnatal practitioners will guide you through the science of infant sleep, help to dispel sleep myths and provide reassurance on normal sleep patterns over the first year.

This talk will give you the knowledge to understand your newborn's sleep, recognise when they’re tired, set your expectations for the first year and offer you some tips on managing broken sleep and meeting your own needs.

Crying and communicating

This talk will help you understand how babies communicate, explain the reasons for crying and provide you with strategies to soothe your baby.

As well as a Q&A session, this talk will include information around the changing patterns of crying, the benefits of responsive parenting, colic as well as looking at ways of coping for both you and your baby. 

Feeding your baby

This 45 minute long talk will focus on feeding your baby. 

This talk aims to provide feeding information and support to guide you through the first six weeks of your baby’s life.

Our postnatal practitioners will talk you through feeding cues, responsive feeding, breastmilk supply, signs feeding is going well, mixed feeding and expressing, and parenting at night.

There will also be information on why, when and how to seek further feeding support.

Two Dads and a Baby

Mother and baby

Special NCT Member Offer

As an NCT member, from 1 May 2024 until 30 September 2024 you can save 15% on selected NCT courses – and share this discount with your friends and family too!   

Choose from NCT New Baby, NCT Introducing Solid Foods and online NCT Antenatal Refresher and you and your loved ones can benefit from trusted NCT courses.

Please see our FAQs for further details.

Access to our digital magazine

We’re committed to providing reliable, evidence-based information and resources to parents that support them to make informed decisions that feel right to them. NCT Matters is our digital members’ magazine, which includes news on the topics that matter to parents as well as details of the latest work taking place across our charity. 

A happy couple

Volunteer working at a Nearly New Sale

Early entry to sustainable shopping sales

Bag a bargain and shop sustainably, with exclusive early entry to our highly subscribed NCT Nearly New Sales. Members beat the crowds for the first pick of a huge range of high-quality, pre-loved maternity, baby, and children’s clothing, toys, and equipment. Save money while supporting parents in your community.

Parenting support

NCT members get exclusive parenting support from our postnatal live talks, whilst their membership donations help NCT provide free information and practical & emotional support for millions of UK parents every year.

Group of parents

Volunteers at an NCT event holding a 'You're awesome' sign

Have your say and shape NCT’s support for parents

We have an ambitious vision for the future, but we can’t achieve our goals alone. We want to build strong partnerships and collaborate with our motivated membership community. Your views matter. Members have the exclusive right to attend and vote at our Annual General Meeting, vote in Trustee elections and stand for election to the charity's Board of Trustees.


Frequently asked questions

When do I receive my membership card?

You will receive a digital NCT Membership card by email within 10 days of joining. If you have not received your card or need it urgently please email our helpful Enquiries Team on or telephone 0300 330 0700 option 3 (please leave a message if the answerphone is on and they will call you back). 

As an NCT member, how do I get early entry to NCT Nearly New Sales?

NCT Members get early entry to every one of our local, volunteer-led Nearly New Sales with their NCT Membership card. Do check the details, timings and early entry details for the sale/s you want to go to as these vary.

You can find details of NCT Nearly New Sales and all the other volunteer-led events, activities and meet-ups on social media or at Local activities and meet-ups.

You will need your digital NCT Membership card to enter a sale early. If you need a replacement card please email our Enquiries Team by email to or by phoning 0300 330 0700 option 3 (please leave a message if the answerphone is on and they will call you back). 

How do I access the Live Talks?

NCT Members who have given NCT their email address and due/birth date, will receive up to three email invitations to register for the series of Live Talks when their baby/ies is/are between 0 and 3 months in age (if NCT have permission to contact them by email).

If you have not received your email invitations or would like to attend the talks at a different time - now, or in the future, then please email our Enquiries Team by email to or by phoning 0300 330 0700 option 3 (please leave a message if the answerphone is on and they will call you back). 

How do I access the NCT Member, Family and Friends discount for NCT courses?

From 1 May 2024 to 30 September 2024, NCT members can access a 15% discount on selected NCT courses. This offer is also available for members to share with family and friends, so members and their loved ones can benefit from trusted NCT courses.   

This exclusive offer is available on NCT New Baby, NCT Introducing Solid Foods and online NCT Antenatal Refresher.   

To access this NCT member discount, please visit the NCT courses and workshops page and choose your preferred course from the list above. You, or friends and family you share this offer with, will simply need the NCT Membership number and name registered to your NCT Membership, to qualify for the discount.   

  • Follow the booking steps to find the course you would like to book.
  • Click on the ‘+’ button called ‘show payment and discount information’ and select 'check eligibility and apply'.
  • Then select ‘NCT Members, Family and Friends discount’ from the list of discounts and complete the short form shown.
  • Once completed, click the ‘send discount request’ green button at the bottom. 

Our course booking team will check your details, apply the discount and send an email containing a secure link you can use to confirm your place. Course booking emails will be sent to the person booking the course.  

Members must have a current, active NCT Membership and membership details will be checked as part of the booking confirmation process, in order to apply the discount. 

If you are unsure of your NCT Membership status or of the details registered to your membership, please contact and our team will check for you.   

If you have any queries about this discount or your course booking, please email or call 0300 330 0700 and select Option 2.   

NCT will process the personal data of individuals who redeem this discount, in accordance with our Privacy Notice and Course Booking Terms and Conditions

This offer is open until midnight on 30 September 2024.

NCT reserves the right to withdraw or extend the offer or make any other changes without notice. 

Full terms and conditions of NCT Membership.

How am I going to receive the digital magazine and quick-read newsletters?

NCT Matters, our digital magazine full of the latest parenting news, personal stores and updates from the charity, will be sent to you every month by email (if you have given NCT permission to send you emails). Quick-read newsletters tailored to your stage of pregnancy or parenting with articles and offers will be sent to you each month if you are expecting a baby or have a child under the age of one (if you have given NCT permission to email you and given us your due/birth date/s).

Why have I been invited to NCT's AGM (Annual General Meeting)?

NCT is a membership charity and this means that NCT members can influence the direction and help shape the future of the charity by attending and voting in our AGM, voting in Trustee elections and being elected to the Board of Trustees. 

Each year all NCT members (who have given us an up-to-date email address and permission) will be invited to attend the AGM and when there are Trustee vacancies they have the right to be nominated to stand for election and vote in NCT Trustee elections. NCT's AGM generally takes place in the latter quarter of the calendar year.

If you would like to find out more information about the AGM or elections please get in touch with our helpful Enquiries Team  by email to or by phoning 0300 330 0700 option 3 (please leave a message if the answerphone is on and they will call you back). 

How can I update my email address or other contact details?

Please get in touch with our helpful Enquiries Team to let us know your new details, stating your old contact details and membership number by email to or by phoning 0300 330 0700 option 3 (please leave a message if the answerphone is on and they will call you back). 

How can I request a new membership card?

To request a replacement NCT membership card simply contact our helpful Enquiries Team by email to or by phoning 0300 330 0700 option 3 (please leave a message if the answerphone is on and they will call you back). 

How do I renew my membership?

You can renew your membership online here or phone our helpful Enquiries Team on 0300 330 0700 option 3 (please leave a message if the answerphone is on and they will call you back). 

Can my partner be a member of NCT too?

Yes, membership covers two people at the same address, so why not sign up your partner too? To add your partner contact our helpful Enquiries Team by email to or by phoning 0300 330 0700 option 3 (please leave a message if the answerphone is on and they will call you back). 

How does NCT protect my data?

NCT abide by the data protection act 2018. We take the protection of data extremely seriously and you can read our Data Protection policy in full here

How do I cancel my NCT Membership?

To cancel your membership, please contact our helpful Enquiries Team by email to with your NCT Membership number or by phoning 0300 330 0700 option 3 (please leave a message if the answerphone is on and they will call you back). 

Please note that because all memberships are a donation to NCT charity, under charity law and in line with the Charities Act 2011 refunds are only permitted in specific circumstances.