NCT Regions

NCT follows the division of the UK into its four countries: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales; and in addition divides England into the following regions:
•    North West
•    North East
•    Yorkshire and the Humber
•    East Midlands
•    West Midlands
•    East of England
•    London
•    South East
•    South Central
•    South West

Who Are the Regional Teams?

Regional Teams are made up fantastic volunteers, most of whom have previously volunteered at a branch. Each Region endeavours to at least have a Regional Coordinator and may have other volunteers who support branches with areas such as Finance, Websites and Training

What do Regional Teams Do?

Regional Teams exist to assist in the support and administration of Branches within their boundaries and to improve communication and understanding throughout NCT.  We do this by:

  • encouraging and providing opportunities for full and two-way communication between members in the region and the UK office;

  • promoting close contact and cooperation between branches for their mutual benefit;

  • offering ongoing support and information to branch volunteers, including the preparation and issue to branches of Mailings and Events calendars;

  • providing formal and informal training for branch committee members and volunteers, including regional training events and/or within branch sessions;

  • developing good working relationships with their branches to facilitate the identification and sharing of resources, ideas, skills and expertise throughout the region and NCT;

  • arranging, as required, facilitation within or between branches;

  • aiming for one of the team to visit every branch within their region annually, where this is not possible, a teleconference can be arranged;providing a representative from their region to the Branch Volunteer and Operations Group (normally the Regional Coordinator);

  • providing feedback to UK office on branch reactions to new systems, policies or consultation exercises

  • contacting branches in order to encourage the recruitment and retention of members and volunteers; give support with NCT campaigning objectives; or assist with administrative, financial and constitutional requirements