Nearly New Sales act as an agent between buyers and sellers. NCT does not take any responsibility for the goods sold. NCT cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to items at the venue. Items are left at owners’ risk.

All items brought to the sale must be:

  • Clean
  • Good quality with instructions where possible
  • In working order with no broken parts, sharp edges or tears
  • Compliant with British Safety Standards
  • Safe, fit for their intended purpose and as described
  • PAT tested by a qualified electrician, if powered by mains electricity.

 For safety and hygiene reasons you must not bring:

  • Counterfeit goods
  • Age restricted items such as DVDs, knives etc.
  • Items recalled by the manufacturer
  • Bednest cribs manufactured before November 2015 with a half fold side
  • Baby hammocks, pods or nests or sleep positioners
  • Cot bumpers, quilts or duvets
  • Car seats, car seat bases or car booster seats
  • Cycle or crash helmets
  • Food and drink e.g. sweets, baby food or formula milk
  • Used breast pumps or baby bottles
  • Baby bottle propping devices or baby bottle holders
  • Mattresses that are not waterproof, firm and flat
  • Bumbo floor seats
  • Cosmetic products unless unopened and before their use by date
  • Bag style baby slings with a deep pouch and elasticated edge
  • Other types of baby carriers or slings unless you have attached this safety notice.
  • Fetal dopplers or heart monitors

If you have any questions, our volunteers running your local sale will be happy to help or please contact

Last updated: August 2023