Bringing up your baby can be expensive. Our NCT Nearly New Sales are the perfect solution, offering affordable preloved mother, baby and children’s clothes, toys and essentials.

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NCT Nearly New Sales provide an opportunity to buy and sell quality items that help with the cost of parenting, and fundraise to support NCT’s work. Our sales focus on high-quality products at a bargain price. You may even be able to find designer baby clothes at incredible prices.

If you're an NCT member, you get in ahead of the crowds to get an early pick of the quality items! You might even be able to skip the queues completely.

When you shop or sell at our Nearly New Sales, you are helping us to support local parents' activities and our national services. All money raised could help us reach more parents through our infant feeding line, reliable and up to date information on our website and NCT campaigns. A real way to shop for a good cause.

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Top tips from experienced Nearly New Sale shoppers

Come prepared!

Prioritise the things you need to get. Larger items, such as prams or stair gates sell faster. Know your baby and child’s size and how it relates to the season’s clothes. Think about any special dates coming up, as you may be surprised what you find at a Nearly New Sale.​​​​​​

Be there early

Larger sales can have long queues, so it’s best to bag your spot early for a place at the front. Or beat the queues with early access as a member.​​​​​

Remember your NCT membership card

NCT members get an early start to their shopping at all sales so don’t leave your card/membership number at home! Check out your NCT Nearly New Sale for members’ opening times.​​​​​


If you have a few hours spare then you can volunteer at your local sale. Lots of sales give their volunteers some pre-sale shopping time to say thank you. It’s a great way to grab some goodies and help others with the cost of parenting while raising funds to support NCT.

Bring a friend

If you are pregnant, bring someone with you to help carry your goodies.

If you have a baby in a pram, be prepared to carry them around the venue (prams usually cause obstructions and you may be asked to park them safely somewhere else). Bring someone to help you carry your shopping and baby.

Most sales have volunteers who can help and large bags to make carrying everything easier. Most sales also offer you the chance to stop, rest and have cake and tea!

Bring cash

Lots of sales now use chip and PIN machines to take payments, but it’s always worth bringing cash just in case, especially for cake and tea. Check the Nearly New Sale in your area to see what the payment options are.

All money raised will help fund your local parent activities, our national helplines, other essential services and campaigns.

Getting involved

Volunteer at a Nearly New Sale

Volunteer at your Nearly New Sales

Nearly New Sales really help parents and the whole of NCT, and they’re not possible without volunteers. 

There’s a way to help that suits everyone, from helping to promote the sale, baking a cake, helping to set up or clear up, to helping at the tills. Your local sale will have a role to suit you.  

Find out how you can help by contacting your local branch or visiting our volunteering page.

Become a seller

Become a seller

Make some money for selling items you no longer need. It’s a great way to help other parents, NCT and avoid landfill.

To become a seller at your local Nearly New Sale, you will need to contact your local branch. They will be able to tell you about their next sales and how you can register to become a seller.

Find out more about becoming a seller.


Nearly New Sale

Advertise at a Nearly New Sale

Over 200,000 expectant and new parents attend NCT Nearly New Sales every year. Each sale responds to local needs and is slightly different.

The best way to find out more about advertising options and rates is to contact the local Nearly New Sale team directly. 

Find your next local NCT Nearly New Sale by entering your postcode in the search form above.


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