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NCT Walk and Talk

Launched September 2020, NCT Walk and Talk groups are free, pre-booked, local walks for new mums and dads to support each other by meeting face-to-face to chat and share experiences in a safe, socially distanced way. 

With over 48,000 people supported so far, NCT Walk and Talks operating in compliance with national social distancing restrictions and exeptions for essential support groups* and they’re proving to be a lifeline for new mums and dads.

In November 2020, NCT volunteers held walks for over 6,000 people and of parents who attended, 93% felt less isolated and 94% felt their mood had improved.

Get involved:

  • Find your local Walk and talk group on our website or your local NCT branch Facebook page.
  • Volunteer to run a Walk and talk group in your area if there’s no group near you and you’re keen to support other parents.
  • Donate to our charitable funding appeal to help us recruit more NCT Walk and talk volunteers and provide them with high visibility outdoor wear and support to keep everyone safe. 


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