Our free-to-access services are delivered across Hartlepool, focusing on Infant Feeding and Perinatal Mental Health (Parents in Mind).

We offer peer support in the Family Hubs, community venues, telephone/text and virtual support, one to one support and within 2 hospitals. Our trained volunteer peer supporters will provide ongoing social, emotional and practical support to pregnant and new parents within the area.

All of our peer supporters are local parents who have a lived experience of the issues faced by mothers, and bring this experience to their accredited training programme enabling them to work with you to provide a listening ear, with no judgement and a safe space.

Walk and Talk - Hartlepool

Join our Hartlepool Walk and Talk

Chat, offload and connect with other parents and our trained peer supporters.

Our Walk and Talk event takes place every Monday from 10:30am - 12:00pm. Meet outside the cafe and Ward Jackson Park.

Meet the Hartlepool Parents Support Team

We thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce the team behind Hartlepool Parent Support!

All of our team have lived experience of the support they’re offering and so do our amazing volunteer peer supporters!

Hartlepool parental support


Service Delivery Manager

Sam has a real passion and interest for the town of Hartlepool, and working amongst the community there to create lasting change. Having worked previously for years within community project management in Hartlepool, Sam has a keen interest in making support available to parents from the earliest stages to improve local lives!


Infant Feeding Lead

Anna comes from a background of working within maternity services and also as a private Doula! With a strong passion and energy for the world of birth and improving experiences within the perinatal period, Anna will look after all of our peer support available within Hartlepool – both virtually, in person groups, 1-2-1 and our hospitals.


Perinatal Mental Health Lead

Ann's background involves work and study within counselling and mindfulness, alongside a great amount of work within the community sector of Hartlepool. Ann is responsible for our Parents in Mind offering, providing 1-2-1 and group support (virtually and in person) for anyone who is in their perinatal period!


Project Support Coordinator

The glue that keeps our project running smoothly, Laura is responsible recruiting and processing our wonderful volunteers and assisting with any support needed to make sure services reach our lovely parents! Laura comes from a great background within childcare and hospitality and has a real passion for our work due to her own experiences.

How can I access this support service?

Whilst parents can self-refer into both of our support services, it can be difficult accessing services when we need it. Out team works closely with health professional across the area to encourage them to refer women who may be at risk of social isolation.

Parents in Mind:

Refer a mother or pregnant woman to our team

Infant Feeding Support:

Refer a mother or pregnant woman to our team

How can I become a volunteer with NCT Hartlepool

Key to the success of our service is the local parents who have the passion, skill, and commitment to train as a peer supporter and volunteer in their local community supporting other parents. 

Apply to be a Parents in Mind Volunteer

Apply to be an Infant Feeding Volunteer