We’ve been campaigning for over sixty five years, working towards our vision; that everyone who becomes a parent feels confident, connected, and safe because we believe parents help build the foundations of the future.

NCT Campaigner

There are three strands to our campaigning work:

  • National campaigns: We work closely with elected politicians and policy-makers in all Four Nations to make sure that they know about the work of our practitioners and branches, and to campaign for policies that will make life better for new parents. We are currently focusing on improving identification of postnatal mental illness through our #HiddenHalf campaign, and working to improve maternity services and postnatal care. We have a set of local campaign tools, created in collaboration with volunteers, to help you campaign on issues that are relevant to parents in your area.
  • Local volunteer-led campaigns: Harnessing the power of our movement to campaign is a great way to achieve real change and to increase our reach to even more parents.
  • Supporting improvements to maternity services through Maternity Voices Partnerships (MVPs) and Maternity Services Liaison Committees (MSLCs).