It’s time to get postnatal mental illness out of hiding.

It’s common for new mothers to suffer from postnatal mental illness, but only half receive the treatment they need. This can be fixed with some simple and low-cost changes to our health system.

We surveyed 1,000 women who had recently had a baby and found that half had had a mental health or emotional problem postnatally or during pregnancy.

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Of these women, nearly half hadn’t had their problem identified by a health professional and hadn’t received any help or treatment.

Many of these new mothers said they were too embarrassed or afraid of judgement to seek help.

95% of mothers who had a mental health problem said that this had an impact on their ability to cope as a mother or on their family.

We think all new mothers with a mental health problem should get the treatment or support they need. The first step is making sure that they get the problem identified and diagnosed by a health professional.

A simple low-cost solution

We’re demanding better six week postnatal check-ups so that all new mothers with a mental health problem can access the treatment available.

82% of new mothers we surveyed who had been treated for a mental health problem said that the treatment had helped.

Treatment can include counselling, medication, online therapy or peer support. Sometimes, family support under the watchful eye of a GP can be enough to get a woman through. If you are worried about your emotional wellbeing, you should talk to your GP, health visitor or midwife about how you are feeling.

You can help

You can show politicians that this issue matters by emailing your MP here. It only takes a couple of minutes on our online form. You can support the campaign in other ways - find out how.


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