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NCT Refresher antenatal

These expert-led antenatal courses are for parents who are having another baby and are looking for some extra support through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

They provide a chance to reflect and build on past birth experiences and prepare you and your partner for the challenges of parenting another baby. 

Courses are between 8-12 hours in length and held at convenient times for your family and work commitments. NCT courses are small and informal and most include sessions for women only.

What topics are covered at an NCT antenatal refresher course?

NCT antenatal refresher courses cover preparation for birth and parenthood. The course will refresh your knowledge on pregnancy, labour and birth while recognising the challenges you may have faced previously. They also consider the impact of introducing a new baby to your family, sibling rivalry and the potential changes to your relationship as a couple.

Refresher courses will revisit feeding and some include a dedicated breastfeeding session with a qualified breastfeeding counsellor. 

What are the benefits of NCT antenatal refresher courses?

NCT antenatal refresher courses are a great way of concentrating on this baby and this pregnancy - often overlooked when there are toddlers and other children to look after. They are also a great way of meeting others and making a friendship group for the new addition to your family. Parents often find that the people they meet on these courses become an important support in the months and sometimes years after their babies are born.

The course will be appropriate whether you have a small or large gap and whether it is your second or your ninth baby. If refresher courses aren't available in your area, or the course is not suitable for you, you are always welcome to join our standard or intensive antenatal courses.

How much do NCT antenatal refresher courses cost?

NCT courses are priced according to the number of teaching hours and the area of the UK it takes place.

We charge for courses in order to cover the costs to the charity for providing this service and to help us to provide services for all parents. Everyone is welcome to pay by instalments and we offer discounts for parents in receipt of benefits or on lower incomes. Please request further information from the course administrator when you enquire about refresher courses.

How do I find classes in my area?

You can find your nearest NCT antenatal refresher course through entering your postcode into our Course Finder, then on the course results screen use the course filters to find "Refresher" courses.

Refresher antenatal

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