Requests to cancel can only be accepted if they are made by calling 0300 330 0700 (local call rates apply) or emailing

If you cancel, the following fees apply:

Time of cancellation Refund
Within 14 days of the booking confirmation being issued (unless your course has started, at which point we will not be able to refund your course. Full
After 14 days of the booking confirmation being sent.   No refund except potentially in exceptional circumstances (see below).  
After the course has started. No refund except potentially in exceptional circumstances (see below).

Exceptional circumstances

If you need to cancel due to exceptional circumstances, let us know and we will consider (in our reasonable discretion) whether we agree your circumstances should be treated as exceptional. 

Where we agree there are exceptional circumstances, and you cancel your booking before or during your course as a result, we will offer you a pro-rata refund for any course sessions missed or, depending on your exceptional circumstances, we may offer to make arrangements for you to catch up on the missed sessions at a later date or offer you an alternative to a refund such as another in-person or online course or one-to-one support. Please note, we will only offer a refund or alternative if you let us know up to 3 months after your course start date. 


Your booking

The cost of your NCT Antenatal course covers one person, and you are welcome to attend alone or bring a companion, such as your partner, birth partner, parent, or sibling, at no extra charge. The person making the booking is responsible for payment as per our contractual agreement. 

However, if a booking has two people listed, either person has the authority to make certain amendments to the booking, such as asking to transfer to another course or session. 

In the case of a gifted course, the recipient can modify the booking, but any refunds would be issued to the original booking creator (the person who gifted it to you).  

All Postnatal courses and workshops are priced for one person to attend (with your baby/babies). 

Our NCT Antenatal courses typically run with between three and nine bookings (as our course attendees generally like to bring someone with them, that could be 6-18 participants, if every attendee brings a second person).  Courses require a minimum number of participants to run, and we reserve the right to cancel the course at any time and offer you a suitable alternative or a refund if minimum numbers are not met, or if there is any other reason we need to cancel the course.  

If your course or session is scheduled during national emergencies like pandemics or severe weather conditions, refunds for in-person courses will not be provided. Instead, we will endeavour to arrange alternative options, such as transitioning your course to an online format or rescheduling your booking to a suitable in-person alternative. 

Amending your booking

You can change your NCT course booking within the first 14 days of the booking confirmation being issued, as long as your course has not already started. After 14 days, you will be unable to change or amend your booking. You cannot transfer or amend your course booking once the course has started.   

In exceptional circumstances where NCT may need to change or cancel your booking or the course, we will provide you with as much notice as possible and a reasonable alternative course such as a suitable in-person alternative or a National Online course.  If this isn’t possible, we will offer you a full refund.   

On occasion, we may need to move your course or a particular session online or change the venue, for example, to ensure the safety of attendees, babies and NCT course leaders. No refunds will be provided in these cases.  

NCT will provide you with a booking confirmation, which outlines the dates, times, and venue for your course, as well as a payment receipt, but we are unable to provide an invoice. 

Session changes

Each course is a planned set of dates, and all our courses are tailored to each individual group, therefore we are unable to facilitate a change of session due to individual circumstance. It isn’t unusual for attendees to miss a session here and there, and we recommend that you read up on any missed topics/sessions in our NCT Parent Hub and approach your NCT Course Leader with any questions that you may have. An online Infant Feeding catch up session is available for an additional £25. This can be booked by calling 0300 330 0700 (local call rates apply) or contact


Any refunds requested, once accepted in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and actioned, will usually be paid within 7 working days if you have paid by debit or credit card.  Refunds may take a little longer if we are in the middle of collecting a direct debit. No refunds will be made for amounts less than £5. 


We can only apply a single discount per course booking. If you are eligible for multiple discounts, please contact our Booking Support Team. They will support you in determining the best most appropriate discount for you, such as a Blue Light Discount or an income discount. This policy also extends to any sales or promotions – only one discount is applicable per booking. Discounts will be applied to your booking only after providing and obtaining approval for evidence of eligibility from the Booking Support Team. Further details on discount eligibility can be found here: course discounts.

Our commitment to you

Our course leaders

Our courses are taught by qualified Antenatal Practitioners, who give general education about pregnancy, birth and new baby care. They are fully trained, licensed, quality assured and experienced in preparing parents physically and emotionally for the arrival of your baby. Our courses are designed to offer up-to-date evidence and signposting to sources of information and support. We include information on and the practice of relaxation methods and ways of maximising comfort during labour and birth. Please take responsibility for your own wellbeing and only practice things that you feel comfortable with.   

Our students

NCT is a teaching organisation, and, on certain courses, students will observe and/or participate under the guidance of a tutor/mentor. This will not have an impact on your course experience, and we will let you know in advance if a student will be observing/participating on your course.  

Safeguarding and Health & Safety

At NCT we take safeguarding and health & safety very seriously. We believe that protecting people from harm is everyone’s responsibility. We ensure that everybody who engages with our services are safe and protected. This includes pregnant women, their partners, babies, children and new parents as well as our Staff, Volunteers, Students and Practitioners. We may undertake a risk assessment if concerns become apparent before or during a course. We may offer alternative provision where appropriate, in order to keep everyone safe from the risk of harm.

If you have concerns about the safety and wellbeing of another person, then you can contact our Safeguarding team at If you have concerns about your own health and safety, then you can contact your Practitioner or our Health and Safety team at


The information provided in your NCT course is intended for your general education and guidance but should not and does not substitute advice from your own medical team. Although NCT aims to provide relevant and up-to-date information, please understand that it is given as is, without any guarantees about its accuracy. While we're here to offer support, we cannot provide specific information regarding health-related enquiries concerning your pregnancy, birth, or baby. Any concerns of this nature should be directed to your medical team, who are responsible for your care. We cannot be held liable for the outcomes of decisions you make, or choose not to make, based on information from our course or course materials.  

To the extent permitted by law, NCT expressly excludes all conditions, warranties and other terms which might otherwise be implied by law and cannot accept responsibility or liability for loss, damage or injury to any person or property as a result of or in connection with attending any of NCT’s courses and/or your reliance on the information provided by NCT through any of its courses. Should for whatever reason we be held liable in any way, our aggregate liability arising from or in connection with your NCT course shall be limited to the course fee, and we will not be liable for any loss of profit or business, or for any indirect, special or consequential loss. None of this affects any liability for which no limit or exclusions apply, such as liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation. 

Copyright and use of course materials 

NCT (or its licensors) owns all copyright and other rights in the material provided or made available (in whatever media or format) through NCT’s courses. You may download and print off a copy or extracts of the materials for your NCT course for your personal use, but you must not use (or allow to be used) any part of the materials for any other purpose (including commercial purposes). Any modification or amendment to the content any of the materials is not permitted. If you breach any of these terms and conditions, as directed by us you must promptly return or destroy any copies of the materials you have made or hold. 

Keeping you safe

We follow Safe Operating Procedures as well as complete Risk Assessments on all the venues that we use to keep you safe.  

Please ensure that you have read the safety information relevant to your course.  A link will be provided on your course confirmation.  


We want everyone to have a full and enjoyable course experience and ask you to treat everyone with patience and respect. If necessary, for the wellbeing and safety of course groups and course leaders, we reserve the right to cancel any booking if our behaviour expectations are not met or we have safeguarding concerns.   

Our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion commitment to you

At NCT, we work hard to be fully inclusive and will make every effort to ensure that you have access to all our services. On occasion this might not be possible on your original course preference, but we will work with you to explore alternative options. Please let us know if you, or the person attending the course with you might need additional support or have accessibility requirements while attending your course. 

Our Data Protection commitment to you 

At NCT, we want to make sure that you feel confident about how your data will be collected and reasonably used as part of your journey with us.  If you have any questions about how we use your personal data or believe any of your rights have been infringed, please contact our Data Protection Officer by emailing Further information can be found in our privacy notice for course bookers.

Please note: This policy covers NCT course and workshop fees only and does not cover donations for NCT Membership or First Aid courses.

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