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What a fantastic course! We really looked forward to the sessions and got so much out of it. We feel much better prepared for labour and caring for our baby and have met a lovely group of people in the process. It actually worked brilliantly online too.

We have had the benefit of learning from NCT and meeting some great families in the process. We were dubious about how helpful an online version could be but were pleasantly surprised. Our course leader was fantastic and super approachable. The accompanying WhatsApp group has provided an extra opportunity to build relationships and share ideas

I really enjoyed the online course. Our instructor was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and I feel much more confident about birth and taking care of baby. I feel like we learned how to make informed and empowered decisions, and how to advocate for ourselves and our baby based on scientific evidence.

What you'll learn

Planning for a positive birth experience

  Deciding where to have your baby, local options and care

  Changing hormones and going into labour

  Stages of labour & birth

  Induction of labour and when help is needed

  Caesarean birth and recovery

  Helping yourself & supporting through labour and birth

  Pain management options

  Meeting your baby & what happens immediately after birth

Getting to know and caring for your baby

  Your baby's experience moving from the womb to the world

  Understanding your baby's cues and how they sleep, wake and rest

  Learning what your baby's nappy tells you and how to change them

  Washing and bathing your baby

  Soothing and calming your baby

  Exploring where your baby sleeps and how to keep them safe

  Your relationship with your baby and how they develop and learn

Feeding your baby

  How to get breastfeeding off to a good start

  Understanding your baby's reflexes and cues

  Understanding how breastfeeding works

  Night feeds and sleeping


  How to tell that all is going well

  Different positions for feeding and how to try them

  Different challenges

  Where and how to get support

Wellbeing before and after birth

  Knowing what makes you feel good and keeps you well

  Physical and mental health after birth

  Relaxation techniques

  Coping with lack of sleep

  Changing relationships & adjusting to life as a family

  Sources of support for you and your family

  Making plans

Your family, relationships and finding support

  Becoming a parent

  Changing relationships

  Growing a support network

  Accessing professional help and support

  Negotiating advice and support from peers, family and friends

Same great experience as the in-person course

  • Trusted, evidence-based information so you feel prepared for labour, birth and the first days with your baby. 
  • Our friendly, knowledgeable NCT course leaders will take the time to answer all your questions.  
  • You’ll connect with other parents who are expecting at a similar time as you. 

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