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Baby First Aid

NCT Baby First Aid courses, run in partnership with the British Red Cross, will build your confidence as a parent or carer in dealing with emergency situations.

NCT Baby First Aid courses are facilitated by British Red Cross trainers and provide first aid training for parents of babies under one, and older children up to 12 years old. These interactive, confidence-building courses are held locally, and will provide plenty of opportunity to practise techniques and ask questions.

Who should come to a Baby First Aid course?

The courses are suitable for parents, expectant parents and carers of babies and young children.

What does the course cover?

The course covers first aid techniques for babies (0-1 years) and children (1-12 years). Babies in arms are welcome to attend with adults - up to the age of 6 months. The course duration is 2.5 hours and includes the following:

  • Unresponsive baby and child (breathing or not breathing)
  • Choking baby and child
  • Bleeding
  • Burns
  • Raised temperatures
  • Meningitis

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Carl attended the Baby First Aid class in Tower Hamlets, London. He said:

"Being a nervous new parent who has never done a Baby First Aid course before, this made me feel more confident, calmer and more assertive. I would recommend this course as you learn more than I expected. I will be asking my partner to book on the course!"

This course is organised by volunteers in NCT branches, please allow extra time for a reply due to volunteer capacity Some of our volunteer branches do choose to use other providers therefore the course content and style of delivery may vary.

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