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Early Days

Come explore what might be best for your new baby... and for you by attending one of our Early Days courses.

Getting to grips with the early months of parenthood can be quite a challenge - both practically and emotionally.

But don't worry, NCT Early Days courses will give you the knowledge and confidence to tackle the doubt all new parents struggle with to some extent. 

Some mums want to get to grips with crying or sleep. Some want to debrief on their birth experience. And some just want a bit of guilt-free me time to talk about how they're doing. 

You might not feel like it now, but our experience tells us you will come through. You'll make a great parent - doing it your way.

"The most valuable thing I took away from my postnatal course, along with new friends, is that there isn’t a right way to parent a baby – it is what suits the individual and fits in with their life..."

Diana, Farnham 

Postnatal course early days

What the course will look like

In your group, you'll discuss practical skills in coping with your new baby. Importantly, the course will help give you the confidence to parent your baby in the way that is right for you and your family.

And after six weekly get-togethers with the same group of new parents, you'll also come through with a new group of friends.

Each course is unique as they are designed to meet the specific needs of the group. But you can expect to cover: 

  • The chance to talk about the birth experience
  • Information around safe sleeping
  • Managing and calming crying
  • Understanding a baby’s needs and how they communicate
  • Practical feeding covering breast, bottle and combination
  • Weaning
  • Child development
  • The impact of a baby on relationships
  • Sex after childbirth
  • Returning to work
  • The expectations of the role of mother/wife/partner
  • Managing relationships with family and friends.

Most courses offer 12 hours of sessions for a group of 4-10 parents, who have babies aged two weeks to six months of age. 

Some of our Early Days courses run as women-only. To confirm what's available in your area, please enquire using our course search tool, above.

How much does it cost?

Courses are priced according to the number of hours and the location. Please speak to the course administrator about prices when you enquire about Early Days courses. Making an enquiry does not commit you to attending. 

Everyone is welcome to pay by instalments and we offer discounts for parents in receipt of benefits or on lower incomes.

Want to know more or book a place?

You can find your nearest Early Days postnatal course through entering your postcode into the course finder above.


Helen Allmark, NCT Postnatal Leader, talks about what Postnatal Early Days Courses are all about:


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