A mother feeding her baby

Introducing your baby to solid foods can be a very exciting time but you'll also probably have lots of questions. We'll help you decide when the time is right, how you want to go about it and what to expect. Join one of our online or in-person Introducing Solid Foods workshops to get all your questions answered.

Moving on to solid foods is a big moment in your baby’s development. But with so much advice and so many methods out there, it can be tricky to know how to go about it.

Our Introducing Solid Foods workshops give you all the information you need to make decisions that work for you. Babies are always welcome and we understand that they sometimes need you and will work around this and catch you up on anything you miss. We are here to make sure every parent comes away from our workshops feeling confident about feeding their baby.


Online workshops

Our online workshops are:

  • fully live and interactive (no pre-records)
  • cost £35 for a two-hour session in a small group
  • led by an experienced NCT practitioner


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In-person workshops

Our in-person workshops are:

  • being run in some areas around the UK
  • start from £39 for a two-hour session
  • led by an experienced NCT practitioner 


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What you’ll learn 

Baby eating

When to move onto solid foods

Experts recommend waiting six months to give your baby solid foods. We’ll discuss the evidence around this with you, how to spot signs your baby is ready for solids and the risks of giving your baby solid food earlier.

Baby-led weaning

Different feeding approaches

From baby-led weaning to traditional spoon-feeding, we’ll talk about all your options. We’ll discuss when and how to give fewer milk feeds, and make sure you’ve got all the important info you need to make your choice.

Baby eating

All about feeding

We want you to feel confident feeding your baby. So you will explore when and what to feed your baby, including thinking about meal and menu planning. This way you’ll come away from the online workshop reassured that you know what is best for your baby.


NCT Introducing Solid Foods workshops are two hours long and offered 7 days a week, in the morning, afternoon and evening, from just £35 per person for our online workshops, or from £39 for our in-person workshops.

Attend with friends?

If you'd like to attend a workshop with some friends, just let us know how many places you need and if you have any preferred days of the week to attend. We'll let you know which workshops have enough spaces available for you all.


Find and book an in-person workshop

We are running some in-person workshops in the following areas.  A booking is for one parent/carer and babies may attend. You are more than welcome to arrive 15 minutes early if you'd like to settle them before the workshop starts.

If you wish to bring another adult with you, please contact our booking support team to see if space is available and to pay for an additional place.

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Further information

Search by date and time to find your most suitable workshop or get in touch by emailing booking.support@nct.org.uk, phone us on 0808 109 7542 option 2, or use the webchat (found at the bottom of this page) for more info or to enquire about a group booking.