Our local NCT community groups help thousands of parents every year. 

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 Our incredible network of local volunteers makes NCT the supportive community it is.

I love being part of our local NCT community. When we first moved here, I knew no-one. I was completely floored by motherhood. It was the local NCT community who welcomed me and helped pick me up. I decided it was time to give back and it continues to pay off for me. I met brilliant parents, made life-long friends and had loads of laughs and cake along the way”

– Heather, parent and volunteer, Glasgow.

Local NCT community activities

Local NCT events and fundraisers are all organised by our amazing network of volunteers. You will join a wonderful team who will help you learn the ropes and do brilliant things for parents. How you help and what you achieve is up to you!


Become a volunteer

Join over 4,500 volunteers who support parents. Like you, our volunteers care about birth, babies and parenting. There are around 625,000 births every year and we want to make sure that no-one parents alone.

Having fun with other parents and volunteers is key to keeping connected, and we make sure NCT volunteering is fun, flexible and family friendly. We love cake and as a team we know how to get things done while having a laugh.

With so many parents to help, we’re always looking for volunteers to join our mission. Could you help your local NCT community to achieve even more?

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Loan and equipment hire

Some local NCT groups provide a loan or hire service offering slings, reuseable nappies, wellies or party kits for hire. 

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Local business sponsorship

Our local NCT communities supported over 106,000 parents in 2021 through over 7,000 community events. They're also very active on social media.

That all adds up to loads of ways to promote your business through sponsoring events, donating money or prizes, or advertising at our Nearly New Sales.

Find your local group and your next business promotion opportunity.

Find your local NCT community

We have more than 300 local NCT communities across the UK organising amazing activities for parents and raising essential funds to support our work. Getting involved will provide the chance to meet other parents and take part in fun activities that support you and your baby.

Enter your postcode to find your nearest group:

Volunteer at you next NCT event

There is huge personal reward in knowing that your volunteer time really does help others with the challenges and joys of being a new parent.

To find out what difference you can make and to put your skills to good use for others, register your interest and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How much time can you spare a month ?

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