Our Baby Café group is a friendly, infant feeding support group that runs every Wednesday 11am to 1pm at the Cube in Malvern, WR14 2YF. Our group used to be called Baby Latte. 

Baby Cafe. Woman receiving support with breastfeeding.

Baby Café

At Baby Café, there are knowledgeable and friendly breastfeeding counsellors on hand to help support you on your feeding journey. It is a relaxed environment where you can meet other new parents, and you can feed and change your baby as you need to. If you have any questions about feeding your baby, or if you need any support with breastfeeding, our breastfeeding counsellors are more than happy to help you. You have have known our group by its previous name of Baby Latte, which ran from 2005-2023. 

We can offer you evidence-based, parent-centred and non-judgemental support with:

  • Preparing to feed your baby 
  • Establishing breastfeeding and continuing breastfeeding
  • Expressing breastmilk
  • Combination feeding
  • Formula feeding
  • Introducing solid foods 
  • Stopping breastfeeding

We have babies attending of all ages, from those just a few days old to babies much older who enjoy crawling around on the floor playing with toys. Whatever stage you are at in your feeding journey, we would love to welcome you. If you are in your third trimester of pregnancy and would like to find out more about feeding your baby and breastfeeding, please do come along. Partners and grandparents are welcome to come along too - we know that new babies can often require several pairs of hands!

The session is drop-in anytime between 11am and 1pm, and takes place at the Cube in Malvern. It is free to attend and you do not need to be an NCT member to come along. 

Breastfeeding Support 

Breastfeeding can be challenging at times, and our expert breastfeeding counsellors are on hand to support you. If you need some help with achieving a great latch, some advice on the best positions for breastfeeding, or you have any other questions about breastfeeding, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our breastfeeding counsellors offer free home visits, including evenings and weekends, or can help over the telephone or video call also. 

Frances: 07463 668392 francesthurlow@hotmail.co.uk

Mair:  07815 946613 msherliker52@gmail.com

Charlene: 07419 373406 c.jarman99@gmail.com 

Anna: 07875 300981 anna_denne@hotmail.com

Lisa: 0794767137 (Ledbury area)

You do not need to be an NCT member to access this support. 

Baby Café Facebook Page

Our Baby Café Facebook Page is a wonderful online community where mums are able to share their experiences, ask for peer support and share helpful breastfeeding resources. 

What Mothers Say...

"The support I have received at Baby Latte has been exceptional. The atmosphere is welcoming and inclusive and the Counsellors give individual attention to everyone who needs it. They are genuinely interested in ensuring that everyone has the best breastfeeding experience possible.  There is a lovely group of people who regularly attend and offer tips and reassurance to new parents.  Highly recommended!" - Teresa

"Many thanks for all your advice and support. The service you provide through NCT and Baby Latte is invaluable. It has helped me to have confidence in breastfeeding, establish friendships and get out of the house with my newborn." - Fiona

"I can say with complete certainty we would not still be feeding if you hadn't been there for us. Your personal support has been the key to our journey" - Kirsty

"A huge thank you for all your help in the early days when trying to establish breastfeeding Bethan. I have now fed her myself for a year and definitely could not have done it without you! The work you do for the community is invaluable" -Emma

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