Specially designed for parents who’ve already had a baby, NCT Antenatal Refresher courses get you ready to welcome your new bundle of joy.

Pregnant woman with toddler

Has it been a while since you had your last baby? Maybe you moved to a new area, and are you looking to connect with other parents? Or do you want to build on what you learned from your last pregnancy?

Our refresher courses are for parents who’ve had antenatal classes before, revisiting all the important information you learned. Importantly, they’ll also help you meet a group of parents with new babies due around the same time.

What to expect

Course leader talking with parents

Flexible formats

Our refresher courses run over 8-12 hours long, fitting in around work and family life. Our warm, supportive course leaders bring years of personal and professional experience to every session. You, and your partner, get lots of time to get involved and ask questions.

Pregnant woman

Connect, reflect

When you’re already a busy parent, it can be hard to find time to connect with your unborn baby. NCT Refresher courses are a chance to focus on this baby and this pregnancy. There’s also a chance to think about and build on past experiences.

small group of parents

Close-knit network

Our classes are a great way to meet other parents whose babies will be around the same age as yours. We keep classes small and welcoming, with plenty of time to chat. 

What you'll learn

Coruse leader and parents

Need-to-know info

We’ll refresh your memory of your last antenatal course, revisiting pregnancy, labour and birth. You’ll reflect and build on your past labour experiences, and prepare for the birth you want.

Mother with toddler and newborn

Adjusting to changes

With every new baby, your family life changes forever. Learn about the impact of introducing your baby to your older children, sibling rivalry and how your relationship with your partner can change.

Mother breastfeeding

Feeding, revisited

Address any feeding challenges you might have had before, get evidence-based advice and non-judgmental support. Courses even include a special session with a Breastfeeding Counsellor, who’ll support you however you feed your baby.


Our courses vary in price depending on length and location. To see a list of all prices and locations, search for your nearest course or drop us an email.

We want every parent to have access to our courses, so we offer flexible payment plans and generous discounts for parents relying on certain benefits, or whose total household income is less than £28,190 per year. Drop us a confidential email to learn more. 

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NCT Membership

Become an NCT member and join a community of new parents, all experiencing pregnancy, birth and early parenthood together.