Being able to socialise with other parents who have babies and children the same age can really help make a positive difference with parenting.

Parents socialising

Our local NCT communities organise a range of different opportunities for parents to get together, share stories, fundraise and have a laugh.

"I thought I had enough friends, but meeting my usual mates in the pub was different once I became a dad. I wanted to talk about being a father, my baby, my partner, but it felt like my mates were not really interested. My partner told me that the local NCT group was having a monthly meet up with dads in the local pub. And that they expected us to bring the baby. This was the best tonic for me. I was able to have a decent chat with the other blokes about babies, cars and football. I love this group and try never to miss a meet-up!"

– Mo, dad, Birmingham.

Types of parent socials


Mums and babies​​​​​​

Mum meet-ups

Our local NCT communities sometimes arrange special events just for mums and expecting mums. These fun mixers include “mocktail” events, pamper evenings and more. They can also raise funds for NCT.


Dads group​​​​​​

Dad meet-ups

Some local NCT communities arrange special events just for dads and their babies – such as meet-ups at a pub with other dads or a fun quiz night to raise money.


Dads with baby​​​​​​

Shared interest groups

Our local NCT communities know how to help parents connect. They sometimes arrange themed events or coordinate shared interest groups. These could include meet-ups for: single parents, parents with twins, same-sex parents, or those who are returning to work.


coffee group​​​​​​

Coffee groups

Coffee groups are a great way to meet other local parents and NCT members for a chat and a cuppa. They may happen in a local café or in someone’s home.

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Support your local NCT community

By volunteering

Our local NCT communities across the UK help over 20,000 parents connect each year. Can you help us reach more parents? With an hour or two a month, you could organise a fundraising event, write a newsletter story or host a coffee group

To find what difference you can make, use our postcode search to find your local NCT community.

By donating

Did your local NCT help you? We can’t help parents without your support. Your donation can help keep a local group active and benefit the whole of NCT. Because of our volunteers, a small donation can go a long way.

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