We are here to offer impartial information, advice and support on all things cloth nappies! 

Please bear in mind that none of us are trained professionals, but volunteer mums who share a passion for saving money and doing our bit to save the environment by reducing the quantity of waste into landfills. 

We are here to talk through your thoughts and concerns, to share our experiences of using cloth nappies and the expertise we have gained, and to offer cost effective trials of various nappy styles, brands and sizes and nappy accessories. We're always happy to chat about nappies, and whether you decide to trial or not, we just want you to make an informed decision that works for you. 

To hire, please send our Facebook page a message or email nappy.library.reading@nct.org.uk 

General kits:

  • Newborn kits (from birth up to 12lb) - £25 for a 12 weeks from due date 
  • Birth-to-potty/one-size kits (12lb+) - £10 for 4 weeks 
  • We also offer customised specialist kits for the following purposes: 
  • Night-time/fitted nappy kits - £10 for 4 weeks 
  • Budget BTP mini kit - FREE 4 week hire 
  • Booster/Insert kit - £5 for 4 weeks 
  • Junior/large kit (including pull-ups) for older children (35lb+) - £10 for 4 weeks 
  • Pull-ups/toilet learning kit (20-35lb) - £10 for 4 weeks 
  • Holiday flats & wraps kit - £5 for 2 weeks 
  • Twin/premature newborn kit - £25 for 20 weeks 
  • Most loans are subject to a £50 fully refundable deposit - all taken from a secure online payment site. (Booster, Holiday and Budget kits have a smaller deposit of £20)

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