When you register to sell we will email you your seller number, box label and item sheet. There are 80 labels in a single pack with a maximum of two packs per seller. To maintain quality control we will be restricting each seller pack to no more than 50 items of clothing for ages 6 months - 10 years. That means if you purchase two packs, you can sell 100 items of clothing for ages 6 months - 10 years.

Important information

  • Please remember, this is a ‘Nearly New’ sale, we won’t sell items that are damaged, broken, stained or marked. Everything has to have all its parts and pieces and be in excellent working condition.
  • Please print your labels and your items list and make sure all clothes are on clothes hangers.
  • Your items need to be labelled in advance of the sale and brought to the sales venue the evening before the sale.
  • Documents are emailed to you, we do not send anything in the post.
  • 30% of the money you make goes to the NCT and 70% goes to you.
  • If you volunteer at the sale the NCT only takes 20% and you get 80%. Register to volunteer.

Help us to raise funds for the NCT by telling your friends and family about the sale and passing on the details to anyone else you might know that is interested in selling.

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