Having received funding from the Department of Health, NCT is piloting the delivery and impact of peer support for women experiencing emotional health difficulties in pregnancy and within the first year after birth.

Trained, local volunteers will be delivering 1-2-1 and group peer support within community settings. We will be evaluating the programme of services delivered for effectiveness, impact and sustainability. We are hoping to see improvements in the mental wellbeing of women who use the service as well as a reduction in isolation.  

We are working in collaboration with the Institute of Health Visitors, local NCT branches and other organisations to create a peer support programme that is embedded within local communities.  

We are working in three sites in England; 

Details about the project’s background, aims and outcomes are outlined in the Related Documents further down this page.  For more details about the overall project please contact research@nct.org.uk. For local contacts click on the area page.

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