Released on: 09 February 2024

We caught up again with NCT student and volunteer, Laurène Bizarro, to talk to her about what LGBT+ History Month means to her.

Laurène Bizarro

Tell us a bit about you…

My name is Laurène, and my pronouns are she/her. Proudly navigating the beautiful journey of parenthood as a queer mom to an incredible 7-year-old.

Currently, my partner and I are embarking on the exciting path of IUI to grow our family, with her taking the lead this time around. We are a neurodivergent household which holds its challenges but also makes life so colourful.

Our vibrant life unfolds in the captivating city of Brighton, where the sea serves as a constant source of joy. Family moments find us basking in the warmth of long, sunny walks along the seafront, creating cherished memories.

Passionate about all things pregnancy, birth, and beyond, my focus is especially on those marginalised groups profoundly impacted by these experiences. You'll catch me roaring often in advocacy for these important issues!


How long have you been connected with NCT?

Seven years ago, while expecting my son, I became part of a NCT group and cherished the support it offered to new families.

Inspired by that experience, when my son started school, I embarked on NCT Practitioner training. Since then, I've been enthusiastically volunteering, contributing to this wonderful organisation’s mission of providing support to new families.


In your NCT role, how do you ensure that you remain inclusive, accessible and supportive to parents, especially the LGBTQIA+ community?

I host a fabulous LGBTQIA+ NCT Bumps and Babies get-together every week here in Hove, providing fantastic support for our community. It's not just your average meet-up – we've made it a neurodivergent-friendly haven! We're all ears for the needs of parents and carers, ensuring a safe and supportive vibe. It's not just lovely; it's a blast! We sprinkle in loads of fun every week, making it an all-around enjoyable experience.


What elements of your own experience as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community do you bring to your practice and your role as a volunteer?

When I had my son, I vividly recall feeling isolated and struggling to connect with other families. The idea of coming out to healthcare professionals seemed daunting, as I feared judgment and exclusion. This fear of being judged and ostracised was a constant concern.

When I later became a NCT volunteer and a student, I made it a priority to ensure that this sense of isolation was the focal point of everything I did. My aim is to create an environment where no LGBTQIA+ family feels alone, anxious about others' opinions, and where they can be confident that they are seen, heard and safe.


What can NCT, and our community of practitioners, students, volunteers, and staff be doing to be more inclusive and supportive LGBTQIA+ parents? 

Listening to the diverse needs, fears, and hopes of LGBTQIA+ families is crucial. It involves avoiding assumptions and consistently employing inclusive language. Rather than directing questions to the families, seeking insights from LGBTQIA+ educators willing to share resources and experiences is a valuable approach. This collaborative effort enhances understanding and fosters a more supportive and informed environment.

You can find Laurène on Instagram @mighty_mama_perinatal

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