Released on: 08 March 2023

Responding to Government’s statement on Dr Bill Kirkup’s report into maternity services at East Kent University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Angela McConville, Chief Executive at NCT, said:

“Families continue to be let down by Government during an unprecedented time in NHS maternity services. This Government pledged in its manifesto to make the NHS the best place in the world to give birth, yet there is no indication in this latest statement that they are committed to delivering this promise.  

"Dr Kirkup’s report identified multiple systemic failures that influenced the quality of care provided by the Trust. Government’s response neglects to address how to tackle these issues or how to prevent them from happening again in another trust. 

“Investment in maternity staff and support for strong leadership are recurring recommendations from across the maternity sector, but Government is yet to heed this advice.  Maternity services are dangerously understaffed, and this cannot continue to impact on the care women and babies receive.  

“Government has failed to present a comprehensive timeline to follow through with these changes. It needs to acknowledge its own responsibilities and take immediate action to improve the quality of NHS maternity services so that families feel safe and confident.” 

You can read the full statement here.

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