We’re committed to providing high quality service in everything we do. However, we understand that sometimes things don’t go according to plan and you may not get the experience you expect.

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To make sure that we continue to offer a quality experience to as many people as possible, we have put in place a complaints procedure so that constructive complaints can help us improve our goods and services. 

Complaints are a key source of information and feedback for us. We think complaints are an opportunity to:

  • review our practices
  • learn from mistakes
  • improve our services, and
  • improve our communications with you.

Our complaints procedure is meant to provide a quick, simple and streamlined way to resolve your issue  and focus on an early resolution for you, provided by empowered and well trained staff.

How to make a complaint

If you would like to make complaint, please contact our enquiries team by email at enquiries@nct.org.uk.

We have a three stage complaints process, which is outlined below.

Stage 1: Local resolution

Once we receive your complaint, we aim to resolve it locally within 5 days except in cases where it is inappropriate to do so (if the allegation is serious or complex).

We do this so we can resolve straightforward complaints swiftly and effectively as possible with the people involved. If the complaint is found to be valid, complaint resolution at this point will involve an apology, an explanation of why the issue occurred and correction of any straightforward error. We will also explain how we will take preventative action in the future, if this is appropriate and possible.

Stage 2: Formal complaints

If we’re unable to resolve your complaint locally, we will initiate our formal complaint process. We also initiate formal complaint proceedings where resolving your complaint locally is not possible, or not appropriate, due to the complexity or seriousness of the complaint. We aim to resolve your complaint within 28 days.

Our Complaints Officer will contact you within 48 hours to acknowledge your complaint and will make further contact with you to discuss the issues raised. They will resolve your complaint and ensure that the complaint is investigated or reviewed internally.

Stage 3: Internal review

If you’re still unsatisfied with our response, you can request an internal review. This may be undertaken by the responsible Director, or another member of the Executive Team, to review your complaint process and the outcome.

What happens after your complaint is resolved?

We recognise that valuable feedback can be obtained through complaints and can help improve our services.

We use this information to identify larger issues in our services that we can address by introducing improvements during the creation of new and improved services and by providing appropriate training opportunities to our staff, practitioners and volunteers.

We also collate all locally resolved complaints and the recording of serious or escalated complaints and report them to the CEO, our Executive Team and the Board of Trustees.

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