We have been campaigning for over 50 years - achieving change for new parents.

Our national campaigning work is based around the NCT 2010-2020 strategy that sets out our vision for ensuring that all parents are confident and supporting during their First 1,000 Days. We work closely with MPs and policy-makers to make sure they know about the work of our practitioners and branches, and to campaign for policies that will make life easier for new parents.

Ahead of the General Election we have published our Priorities for Parents manifesto setting out four priority issues that we want all political parties to commit to action on: more midwives, improving maternal mental health services, increasing maternity and paternity pay and more support with childcare costs for working parents. 

At the beginning of March we took a group of parents to Parliament so that they could meet with their MPs and share their views on the cost of childcare. Read more about the event here.

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